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Rugby history


James Bloemendal

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of Rugby history

History of Rugby The World Cup The rugby world cup was thought of in
1886 and the trophy was named after
the man who invented the game Willam Webb
Ellis. But the first world cup was held
in 1987 won by New Zealand. There are other
trophys that can be won but everyone wants
to hold Webb Ellis Cup How Rugby Was Created Rugby is one of the most poular sports
in the world but most people don't know where or how it was created The Winners of the World Cup 1987-New Zealand 1991- Austraila 1995- South Africa 1999-Austraila When Rugby was created there where people playing an early version of soccer called rugby football when you have to get the ball to the other end of the feild. You couldn't run with the ball in hand you had to maul the ball until one day a boy called Willam Webb Ellis picked the ball up and ran with it and another player got angry and tackled him to the groung and thats how the geame of rugby was invented.

2003-England 2007-South Africa The First game of rugby was between Scotland
and France The 3 Games Union-15 players on the field at a time game goes for 80 minutes
try-5 points
conversion-2 points
pentaly and drop goal-3 points Leauge-13 players on the field at a time try-4 point
conversion-2 point
Penalty kick-1 point
Drop goal-1 point
Sevens-7 players on the feild
at a time game goes for 14
try-5 points
penalty and drop goal-3 points 1924 USA vs France
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