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Admin Common Core

No description

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Admin Common Core

The Common Core State Standards
Common Core
In the wake of all we are hearing on the national stage we need to remember why we adopted the Common Core.

If we don't have time to do it right, when will we have time to do it over?
These standards were created backwards to prepare students for the next steps.

100 years ago everything that mattered to humans occurred within a days walk. Today what happens in Tokyo effects us within minutes.

Are we preparing kids for college and career readiness?
This is Baxter. A $22,000 robot capable of learning a job by watching a human perform it just a few times. It learns and can perform the human's job endlessly
Artificial Intelligence
In march of 2012 this robot could run 18 miles per hour. By September it was 28. Today it can run faster than 35 miles per hour separate from any central processor.
Cheetah Robot
3-D Printing
Today they cost around $30 dollars to produce.
Ten years from now they will be free with a log in to shop from stores.
Tablets in Cereal Boxes
Students enrolled today to receive a Masters in Engineering in some fields will learn information that will be obsolete before they graduate.

In tech what was impossible 8 years ago cost $700 7 years ago costs $20 today.
Masters Degree?
Google Car and Balloons
Google car has driven >500,000 Miles without an accident or any violations
Google Balloons will provide free Wi-Fi across the globe.
A Common Set of Standards
50,000,000 students nearly nationwide will receive local instruction based on the same set of internationally benchmarked standards.

For the first time we will be able to compare test results state to state.

Students educational standards will no longer be based on their zip code.
Raising the Bar
These standards are rigorous and challenging. We adopted them knowing that they were more challenging than our previous standards

Our students are capable of the rigor in these standards.
New Bottles for Old Wine
How often have you heard:
If only the tests were more than multiple choice!
If only the new students were taught the same things!
We need to be teaching critical thinking skills!
These things are going to happen in the Common Core. If we don't change though the new standards will be just as broken as the last.
College and Career Readiness
Changes Around the World
Turkey invested 5 billion dollars to provide each student in the country with an IEP.
S. Korea is increasing funding to education by 30%
Uruguay has a countrywide 1 to 1 initiative.
China is completely revamping their teacher education programs to remain competitive.
Face Reconstruction
Artist recreates the face of smoker from DNA on cigarette butts
What are Other States doing?

Website created by RRVEC that links to 50 states departments of education pages
What is North Dakota Doing?
New unit dedicated to standards
April 4th meeting
Subcommittees in PD, Tech, Communication, Assessment, and Curriculum and Instruction
$145,000 Grant to help implement CCSS
NDCI working for teachers
REA's working hard with Succeed 2020
Districts are working hard to meet new goals.
Standards are Not Curriculum
Thankfully there are standards in Manufacturing.
Standards only set "what is acceptable."
Common Core is not perfect and it can be changed.
They are coherent and patterned.
You don't teach everything every year.
Standards are not Teaching and Learning.
Standards don't form relationships with students.
Standards don't work nights and weekends to provide quality lessons.
My Realizations
When I graduated college MP3 players had not been released yet. 13 years later I plug my phone into my car to listen to songs I bought on the internet. Or I listen to radio beamed down by satellites

My first parent teacher conference in Kipnuk Alaska.
PDF distributed here
Search Common Core for apps
Questions or comments? (Unless they are about armed cheetah robots) Call, email, write, or fax
Ryan Townsend
Director, Academic Standards
O: 701-328-2629
F: 701-328-0201
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