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Door In The Wall

No description

Door Wall

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Door In The Wall

Luke, Jayden, Kaitlin , Alan
Robin(Main Character)
Brother Luke
Robin's dad
After Robin gets help, the British attack the Welsh and win the war. Robin is known as the hero because he was the first one to see the Welsh, and risked his life to spread awareness to others in the village.
*Medieval Times

Rising Action
The Door In The Wall
Although Robin did not get his legs back, his family was back together. Occationally, the dad has to leave, but Robin still is with his mom and her comfort. Now, his family is safe and sound.
Extra Info on Medieval Times
People in the Middle Ages had spoons, and they had knives, but there were no forks. This contributed to much sickness since the hands were used considerably in the consumption of food, and the wash basins were not usually located near the dining areas.

To brush one's teeth, burnt rosemary was placed on a cloth and then one would scrub their teeth with it. People desperately tried to keep their teeth since tooth extraction was extremely painful what with no anesthetic and all.

People believed that diseases were spread by foul odors.

Disease was believed to be the consequence of sin.

Pigs were the main source of meat because they were plentiful and cheap. A peasant's diet mostly consisted of pottage and dark breads. Water was an unreliable hydration source, so ale was the beverage of both choice and necessity.

Marguerite de Angeli
Robin looses the use of his legs but slowly gets used to it. He goes swimming everyday to train himself. Robin used Brain over Brawn because when the Welsh attacked the castle, Robin pretended to be a shepherd's son and then went to go find help.
Even Though Robin does not have the use of his legs, he is a true warrior.
Thanks For Watching!!!!!!!!!!!!
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