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Student Entrepreneurship

Student Entrepreneurship - How to help Students become Entrepreneurs while studying - FINPIN conference prezi

Vesa Taatila

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Student Entrepreneurship

How to help students become
entrepreneurs while studying? Welcome to Learning Cafe
Form discussion groups of 6-8 persons
Take a comfortable position
Select one host from your group
Discuss for 15 minutes about the given topic
After the discussion the host stays put
Everyone else will find a new group
The host presents shortly the results of the previous group to the new one
Discuss about the new question for 15 minutes What are the skills/capabilities we
should provide our students with? How does acquiring those
skills/capabilities differ from
learning more traditional subjects? What have been the most successful
entrepreneurial cases in your career? What are the biggest obstacles to solve
in creating entrepreneurial learning
environments? The solution: how do we help students
become entrepreneurs? Final discussion in each group
You'll have 5 minutes to:
Select 3 most important answers that give practical tools on turning students into entrepreneurs
Prepare to present them to other groups in 1 minute
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