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Jacklyn (jack) Harold Lucas

No description

lib hist

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Jacklyn (jack) Harold Lucas

Charlie Strawn & Toke Aabo
Jacklyn (jack) Harold Lucas
The youngest marine to ever receive the medal of honor
Early Life
Born in Plymouth, North Carolina on February 14 1928-died June 5 2008
When he was 14 he enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve
He left the US on November 4 1943
He joined the 6th Base Depot at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Military Career
He stowed away on board USS Deuel which was transporting units of the 5th Marine Division into combat
On the following day he landed in Iwo Jima

six days before his birthday the japanese issued a attack on his squad two grenades were thrown towards them he dived and fell on one of the grenades and grabbed the second one his squad left him because they thought he was dead but with life threatening injuries but they found him alive and evacuated him to the hospital ship Samaritan. He underwent 21 surgery's and still have 200 peices of metal in him.
How he won the medal of honor
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