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What makes life worthwhile

No description

Marc Bien-aime

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of What makes life worthwhile

By Marc-Allan Bien-Aimé
Chip Conley's Measuring what makes life worthwhile
Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid
the tangible and the intangible
The equation for happiness
A Habitat For Happiness
Maslow suggests that all humans have a hierarchy of 5 needs. As each of these are satisfied, the other becomes more prominent
Of course the tangible part of the pyramid is extremely important being the basic needs in other words the survival of ones career, but once the basics are covered, the intangible becomes more prominent.
Happiness = wanting what you have
Having what you want
Entrepreneur Chip Conley created his own version of this pyramid. this time applying it to the workforce. The bottom being the survival of ones career, the middle the success on has achieved in his career and the last, a feeling of belonging in ones workspace.
CEO, just like governments, measure their companies success by the tangible, which is the lower part of the pyramid.
As a modern society, we live in the denominator of this equation. we are always in the pursuit of happiness, and we think that "Happiness" is the tangible part of the pyramid. i.e money
The great companies pay attention to these intangible aspects and in turn create greater gains in the the tangibles.
Now, those who value the intangible do not create happiness, but rather a habitat that for happiness
what that means is Companies or even countries (which I will get to later) that pay attention to the intangible, do not necessarily create happiness but rather a habitat for happiness.

What this means is they created the conditions for happiness
On a
The gross domestic product (GDP) is used to gauge the health of a country's economy. It represents the total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a period of time. You can think of it as the size of the economy.
GDP Counts:
Air pollution
Nuclear Warheads
Armored police cars
War aircrafts
Destruction of Forests
GDP doesn't count:
Our Health
The quality of our educations
Integrity of our politicians
Our wisdom
Our Loyalty to our nation
The strength of our marriages
Our rights
Our bond
Our national pride
Our grit
A New Way To Count
GDP measures everything in short, except what makes life worthwhile
- Robert Kennedy
Now, GDP & businesses count things in tangible units of production
Corporate and political leaders need to realize that the intangible can have an influence of these units of productions
What Really Counts?
"what counts is when we use our numbers to take into account our people"
- Chip Conley
Basically, what counts most, is what we can not see.
What counts for you?
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