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Mitsue Shiokawa

on 7 December 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mitsue Shiokawa
Old Dominion University

Transformational Leadership
Early Childhood Experiences
Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Lyndon Johnson:

"The most important thing a man has to tell you is what he's not telling you. The most important thing he has to say is what he's trying not to say" (as quoted in Padilla, 2005, p. 59).

Communicate Vision
Daisaku Ikeda
James MacGregor Burns
Leadership, 1978
Presidential Leadership: Making a Difference

James L. Fisher and James V. Koch
Portraits in Leadership: Six Extraordinary University Presidents

Arthur Padilla
Transactional Leadership -
managerial, "approach followers with an eye to exchanging one thing for another: jobs for votes, or subsidies for campaign contributions"
(as quoted in Fisher & Koch, 1996, p.23)
"The transforming leader looks for potential motives in followers, seeks to satisfy

and engages the

of the follower. The result of transforming leadership is a relationship of
mutual stimulation
that converts followers into leaders and may convert leaders into moral agents" (as quoted in Fisher & Koch, 1996, p. 23)
Transformational Leadership
-Challenges of a troubled childhood
-Positive responses from others to
the self
-Strong bonds with caretaker
-Strong external support system
-Positive development of the self
-Ability to find meaning in
(Padilla, 2005, p. 50)
-inspires trust from others
-attributes include: sincerity, appearance, focus, confidence, wisdom, courage, sensitivity, discipline, vision, reliability, and strength
Fisher & Koch, 1996, pp. 38-40
- 3rd president of the Soka Gakkai International
- over 337 honorary doctorates from around the world
-founder of Soka schools
-published more than 100 works
-engaged in dialogue with over 1,000 leaders and people of interest internationally
Can a university president really be transformational?

-highly political; BOV, BOT, Faculty restrictions
-sense of independence? autonomy?
-true belief in one's vision

Fisher, J.L. Koch, J.V. (1996). Presidential leadership: Making a difference. Phoenix,
AZ: Oryx Press.

Padilla, A. (2005). Portraits in leadership: Six extraordinary university presidents. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.
The key to transformational leadership is empowerment...

Is it just an idealistic perception?

How does one transform this idea into reality?
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