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Enhancing Candidate Experience

Inhouse Project - Stan C

jeyaganesh n

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Enhancing Candidate Experience

Pitch Pre-hire Engagement Enhancing
Candidate Experience Talent Acquisition - Human Resources Global Shared Services Center - INDIA Interview Closure MIS PACK Sourcing Channels Channel Partners
Walk-in / Direct
Job Board
Campus Visits Phone Call
In person
E-Mail Specific Standard Script Automated E-Mails to be Triggered via... To be maintained by TA Specialists Security | Infrastructure | Waiting Period
Front Office
Feedback TAT - 2 days Objective To deliver a
best in class
candidate experience,
leading to better retention
enhanced branding in the marketplace. Not Just another Meeting.. Objective Assessment Setting RIGHT Expectation Scope Employer Brand Candidate is the KING Interview Observations to be Captured
Candidate Details to be captured in MIS pack
Calendar Invite to be Sent to LM
Manager Checklist
Adequate Planning & notice to panelist/candidate
Feedback TAT - 5 - 7 days Actionable Interview Skill Workshop
Training for Hiring Managers } } TA Specialist Hiring Manager TOUCH POINTS Winning Culture
Working for a Global Leader
Career Progression
Benefits & Policies
People Development Rewards
Compensation TVP Closure Call Experience on the Interview Process
Brand Promise - SCB, Scope
Work life Balance
CSR Activity
PEEV Process
Rewards & Benefits TAT 1 day for OFFER RELEASE
TA Ops team WOW Experience Event Comm. Tool 1 Month NP 2 Month NP 3 Month NP TA LM WK WK WK WK WK WK WK WK WK WK WK WK Candidate Engagement Business Functions Tit-Bit News CSR Anniversary Here for Good Fun at Work Unit Specific Videos Bouquet Birthday 3 days for PEEV Documentation
Candidate LAUNCH Go LIVE rd December Event Tool Timeline 19 - 23rd Nov 12 26 - 30th Nov 12 Teasers Training Manual TA Training Hiring Manager
Training Launch GSSC Comm, Posters GSSC Comm L&TD
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