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Atlantis: The Legend of a Lost City

No description

Shannon Comeau

on 13 June 2018

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Transcript of Atlantis: The Legend of a Lost City

Atlantis: The Legend of a Lost City

Turn to pages 494-495
-How are the people holding a meeting keeping their freedom?
-when people
to work together to bring about change.

-How are the people voting keeping their freedom?
people can choose who they want to govern them and how their tax dollars will be spent.

-How is Martin Luther King Jr. keeping his freedom?
-he is
speaking out
about his beliefs.
Amazing Words
witty demonstrate violence

equality mourn

justice blight

perish wept
What is the best way to keep your freedom?
How do people express their opinions on different matters?

What have people done to demand justice?
A general statement, or generalization, tells how some things are mostly alike or all alike.

To generalize means to say what things have in common.

You can use what you already know about a topic along with facts and details to make generalizations.
Related Words
courtesy courteous add additional

dine dinner goal goalie

describe description crumbs crumbled
channels used for carrying water
long distances
stooped, or bent down

the act or process of guiding or leading

treat with great respect; an expression of respect or affection
an upright support for a building
causing heat or warmth
Quotation Marks
Day 2
What can you do to promote justice and equality in Gloucester?

Why must we not let our freedom perish?
Literary Terms
Foreshadowing is the use of hints and clues
about what will happen later in the story.

It can help us to predict.
Narrative texts have a climax or turning point in the plot. It often involves a bold action that a character takes to bring about the conclusion of the story.

It is often the most exciting part of the story.
Legends are old stories past on by word of mouth.

Legends often tell about the great deeds of a hero.

Usually the events of a legend cannot really happen, but legends are frequently based on a historical truth.
In "Martin's Dream" we learn that witty describes a kind of comment. Does the author include any context clues that tell me the meaning of the word?
witty means cleaver and amusing
...Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about his dream of equality. He began by telling his audience that even though President Abraham Lincoln had freed black slaves one hundred years earlier, black people still were not.
What does the word equality mean in this sentence?

to be treated the same as others
What does the word dream mean in the first sentence?
a wish
Do equal and free mean the same thing?
No, you can be free but not treated equally
What are some ways that people demonstrate for a cause?
organize, march, speak out
What does our right to demonstrate say about our freedom?
Our freedom gives us the right to express our thoughts and feelings
demonstrate means to show support in public for a cause or a person
Day 3
Poseidon grew curious. How could they be content with so little? He took on human form and crouched unseen behind a rock to find out.
What does the word curious mean?
eager to know
What does the word content mean in the first sentence?
What does the word crouched mean?
stooped low with bent legs
The world mourned the loss of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What does mourn mean?
to be very sad and to show sorrow
Word 1
Word 2
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