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Pharoahs-Hatshepsut by Aisling and Hannah

About antient egypt pharoahs espesially Hatshepsut

Aisling Quinlan

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Pharoahs-Hatshepsut by Aisling and Hannah

Pharaohs and Hatshepsut
by Aisling
Hannah Hatshepsut Tutankamen Cleopatra WHAT IS A PHAROAH?? A pharoah is king
that ruled Egypt There were mostly men that
were pharoahs but
some were
girls. There was at least 6
female pharoas but
the 2 most famous
were Hatshepsut and
Cleopatra. Mainly only men were
pharoahs and the most
famous pharoah was
Tutankamun Now for information
HATSHEPSUT!!! Dates that lived
years that ruled Yeah Hatshepsut is
born! Wait when
was she born?
1500 B.C.E. Oh no! Hatshepsut has
died. When did she die? 1450 B.C.E
Hatshepsut ruled for 15 years. Hatshepsut on
the throne. Artifacts There were many carvings
of Hatshepsut. Some of the carvings were with her wearing
mens clothes. In others she wears a headress but still wearing womens clothing. Antient egypt had carvings of
her as a young girl in
hands of a goddess. Antient Egypt also had Hatshepsut as a sphinx
crushing an enemy. Hatshepsut built obelisks
which are long blocks of stone
which had writting on them. Hatsheptsut built her
own temple for people to
worship in. Major events during ruin Hatshepsut got cancer
and diabetes and the cancer
that she died of was bone cancer. Hatshepsut built a temple
which was amazing, because
no queen had ever done anything
like it. Hatshepsut also built two Obelisks
also known as pillars. They wieghed
about 300 jets!! It took seven months to
build an Obelisk. After
they put the Obelisks
on a boat and draged it across
the river. After the Egyptians
made the Obelisks stand
with nothing supporting
it. Then in 1970 Egypt
gave the Obelisk to New York
it took 3 months to drag the pillar
just 2 miles. And now it stands in central park Family History Hatshepsut father was Tuthmosise
the first. When Hatshepsut was twelve
she married her half brother. Hatshepsuts father died when she was twelve aswell. When Hatshepsuts husband died
she took over the throne. Hatshepsut had three brothers
and a sister but they died
when she was little. Hatshepsut had a daughter and
a son. Her daughter had a tutor
named Senmut. Hatshepsut and Senmut were very close friends
and they were even burried close together! Location of TOMB Hatshepsut's tomb was located
in the valley of the kings. Hatshepsuts father's tomb was buirred
in the vally of the kings aswell. Many priests and kings were burried
in the vally of the kings aswell. Hatshepsut didn't want
her tomb to be burried
in a pyramid, because
of the tomb raiders. valley of the kings Her mummie!! Egypt believe that they couldn't have
had a Hatshepsut. But girls have power and she did!! bibliography
google images for
all pictures Thank you for whatching!
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