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Two sonnets

No description

Per Jensen

on 18 December 2017

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Transcript of Two sonnets

Two sonnets

Wordsworth: The world is too much with us

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;—
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon;
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
It moves us not. Great God! I’d rather be
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn;
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea;
Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn.

To be or not to be is all there is.
I never thought a while that things could change.
The fluctuations of our lives are strange,
but not a thing can be compared to this.
The hope of all mankind is still a bliss-
full life in harmony. Could we arrange
a way to counteract the world’s blancmange
we should, you know, have nothing left to miss.

But as it is it seems that all we seek
is instant satisfaction on the spot.
Like children we give in to all our weak-
ness. Come now, all! We still can change our lot,
for though the fate of nature may seem bleak,
This is the only world and chance we’ve got.

Grammarlicious love
Sonnet style: The Petrarchan sonnet
A love so pure and grammarlicious,
every day we in the classroom witness.
A man with passion teaches us with perfectness,
He tells about verbes and substanticious,
He wins the price of being delicious.
He is loyal to great and good schoolness,
He is vey grammarcool, nothing less.

He finds mathematics very vicious,
Power and affection has the teacher.
For the man has found the love of his life.
And then we sit alone at night as creature
He likes a grammar book, also a wife
yes, this is our teacher, Per the Preacher,
Oh the love, between a man and the grammarlife.

Crossroads are always getting lose to us
why do we not always know where to go
we find ourselves wanting to swear and cuss
but it will not help we aldready know

When you have to make a difficult choice
it is always hard to make up your mind
it is annoying like a squeaking noise
when there is an answer that you can't find

but when the choice has finally been made
and you can't go back or regret your way
you can hope and believe your choice is great!
because even if it's not, you have to stay

So you have got to choose with thought and care
Because the wrong choice can be hard to bear.

- Amalie Nissen og Alma

Our love

Today, tomorrow and forever more
We will always spent our time together
Nothing affects our love for each other
Your love makes me rich, even if I’m poor
Without you my heart falls to the floor
In each other, we find love forever
You make me greater and much braver
You entered my heart through the open door
The sound of your voice I can not forget
The vision of you makes my heart bleed
If it is love, I am willing to bet
We feel love in every heartbeat
But beware, as I have always said,
You can never expect love to succeed

- Ilona Baunkjær og Amalie Stærke
Today in the mirror we observe
that perfection is eating us alive
but for a fact we actually deserve
our craving corpus' food to derive
the energy of the life we were born in
has been sucked out of us and thrown away
but no matter if you are thick or thin
someone will care about you anyway

Embrace all of your many features
They help create the person that you are
We are all a bunch of nature’s creatures
So go and show the world your biggest scar
If no one in the world were there to judge
People would not be so eager to dodge

Amalie Bergma
The hunt

It starts in the woods with nothing but peace
With creatures, being heard four miles away
The sounds of the roars, the grunts and the tweets
A silence fell deep with no chance to pray

A noise came loud and Creatures ran from it
One more came to be and a deer got slayed
A third could be heard, and this time it hit
In an instance a screeching howl got sprayed

The sky turned bleak and the wind took a hold
Light stroke down, a blast of explosion
No one were safe from the day, oh so cold
Shouts called over the packed commotion

The sky came clear and danger was no more
This happens when you disturb nature’s core
Marie & Sif
The soldier´s poem!

The Ti/mid sol/diers star/ted cry/ for mercy
Tired and wrecked - but unbroken and vigilant in their duty
They´re trained and schooled to use their tools with accuracy
To hit the bull´s eye - and never act like the sleeping beauty

As tears and sweat and blood drips down his face
All he remembers: “Stay calm soldier and think of what you have taught”
The training was useless; he wishes he were in a better place
In school, at war two types of battles were fought

In the Final battle preparation is crucial
When you join the army good notes are vital
To leave a good impression is essential
Get home safe or things could get brutal

Our uniform is bulletproof it is now official
We step up our game because teachers are critical

The future
I only see the future in my head
And now it’s just a normal dark cold night
But when I dream I only see the light
I see my dreams when I lay in my bed
I know that some day we are all being dead
We’re all going to end in a dead full fight
I know that the death is not like it might
The color of the blood is only red
But not all is about the dead full fight
I look at all those beautiful flowers
I know that some day I will find the bright
And love will give me some special powers
I will start looking for the brighter side
Also if it’s going to take some hours
- Sara, Laura og Julie R-H
Sad in the rain.

I sit on the bench and I feel so sad,
Because my girl has left me in the rain
I feel a scar and very deep in pain
But what you did to me made me so mad
I think I was the perfect loving lad
But when you cheat you make me so insane
And now my blood pumps slowly in my vein
So why did you sleep with my best friend Chad
The thought goes through my mind oh I could kill
It flies right out can’t sink so far down
But it could release a wild and crazy thrill
Dude, think! You can’t kill because that clown
could not be faithful to you. Take it slow.
Go out find new and just begin. Go, go.

The entire - mind- has got- to be-so clear A
that nothing-can get- in- and nothing- out. B
There is- no time- for an-ything- like doubt B
It is -time to - look passed- all of- the fear A
The things- you want- is all- very- near A
Just raise -your voice- and do- it out- loud B
Be careful- that you- do not- get knocked -out B
Its time -put In- everything- this is- your year. A
This is- what it- is all- about- the game C
All you- need to- do is- get the- ball D
It is- by chance -there is -no one- to blame C
There is- always- the possibility- that you- will fall D
Keep your- head high- and do- it for- your name C
You have- got to- look forward- and stand- tall. D

Sacha, Victoria og Zindie
“World War 2”

a: The World War 2 was hard and long
b: the Germans were mighty, the British were strong.

a: To hire Hitler was a bad call
b: I mean, they lost the war after all.

c: Denmark survived because we played it smart,
d: We chose not to enter the war, in the start.

c: a splendid idea, to keep out of the grey,
d: because without it, we wouldn’t have been here today.

e: The U.S controlled the pacific very well,
f: so did the Japs, and it ended in hell.

e: many ships where lost in a hard and brutal battle,
f: So was the ship who was called U.S.S Seattle

g: and now they prevent a new war to begin,
g: because they agreed that killing is a sin.

By Julie & Kim
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