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Using PreziHM

How to use PreziHM

Lander Compton

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Using PreziHM

Installation and Usage Using PreziHM About PreziHM PreziHM is a FREE Joomla! content plugin that allows one to add a prezi to an article. The first step to using PreziHM is to install it and enable it, like any other Joomla! plugin. PreziHM can be downloaded here: http://www.hypermodern.org/index.php/prezihm

To learn more about Joomla!, visit http://www.joomla.org/ Basic Usage Using PreziHM is easy. While editing a Joomla! article simply enclose the desired Prezi url inside the following tags:

[prezihm]...prezi url here...[/prezihm] PreziHM Plug-In Manager Advanced Usage Overriding the previous global settings can be accomplished by adding arguments to the tags.

Take the following example: [prezihm]..prezi-url-here...[/prezihm]

We can change the width and height for this individual prezihm tag by adding the following:
[prezihm width="700" height="500"]..prezi-url-here...[/prezihm]

This will change with width of prezi to 700 px, and height to 500 px.

All of the other global settings can be overridden as well in the same way. The other argument keywords are: path, bg, autoplay, autohide, and fb. These tags correspond to the respective previously mentioned settings of Lock Prezi Path, Startup Background Color, Autoplay Prezi, Autohide the Controls, and Give Prezi a Border.

An example using all override arguments is as follows:

[prezihm width="700" height="500" path="1" bg="ffffff" autoplay="1" autohide="0" fb="1"]..prezi-url-here...[/prezihm] That's It! An example of using this prezi would look like:
[prezihm]http://prezi.com/qqdwi0fbnbwb/using-prezihm/?kw=view-qqdwi0fbnbwb&rc=ref-37771643[/prezihm] Don't forget to include the slash to indicate a closing tag. Do not let your editor convert this into a hyperlink.
If it does, make sure to unlink it, else the plugin may not
include the prezi. Global PreziHM options can be set from the plug-in's manager inside Joomla!'s administration.
Some of these options include:
Prezi width and height: Self explanatory.
Lock Prezi Paths: Setting this to 1 disallows zooming with the mouse and bypassing paths. To experience free zooming set this to 0.
Startup Background Color: Choose a six digit hexadecimal color that will briefly be displayed while loading the prezi.
Autoplay Prezi: This loads the prezi without having the user press play when set to 1. When set to 0 the user will have an additional step of pressing play.
Autohide the Controls: Set to 0 to see Prezi controls. If you are familiar with Prezi's keyboard controls you may elect to set this to 1 to hide the visible controls.
Give Prezi a Border: Currently I have not found this setting very effective. I recommend leaving it set to 0.
Setting these options here in the plug-in manager will affect every Prezi UNLESS you choose to override a prezi individually. That is all there is to mastering PreziHM Music: Emile Pandolfi
Album: By Request
Song: Send in the Clowns
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