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Trumpet Finance

No description

Taylor Parenti

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Trumpet Finance

JK-TAG Consulting Group
Lemon Sisters
Trumpet Finance
The Situation
Trumpet Finance is a large multi-national bank, and in the hopes of expanding, they have bought out a smaller bank called Lemon Sisters
Lemon Sisters bank is an American bank that has previously run into trouble which is creating substantial risk for Trumpet Finance in the buy-out
Our Client intends to remain competitive during the merge
We need you!
Each component is essential for your success during the merger
Employee Security
Help feel secure through the merger
discouragement about future
fear of losing job
Compete with other firms
Utilize human capital
Support creative thinking
Value employees throughout company
Together we can do this!
What we can do for you!
Quinnipiac University Graduates
Diverse group of individuals
Young & enthusiastic
JK-TAG Consulting Group
Organizational Culture
Prospective Schedule
Stories, rituals, languages, symbols
Shared culture
Kristen Padilla, John DeMase, Ariel Olivieri, Taylor Parenti, Gia DiStefano
Cultural Cohesion
Diversity Management
Inclusion, participation, benefits, legal obligations
Cooperation and acceptance
Conflict is good!
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