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The Constitution: Beginnings

No description

Kate Nagy

on 9 August 2017

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Transcript of The Constitution: Beginnings

The Constitution:

Problems With the Articles of Confederation
The American delegates all agreed that the Articles of Confederation were a
good first try

for their government, but that it had some problems.

Main Problems:
1. How many
the Large and Small states should have
2. How
should be set up
The "
Great Compromise
almost broke up the conference!!

They decided to take off the 4th of July to celebrate

During this time, they worked out a "
Great Compromise

means finding a happy medium between what two groups want

The Great Compromise called for a

Constitutional Convention
What is the Constitution?

The Constitution is the
supreme law
of the land.

sets up the government
protects the basic rights
of Americans.

The Constitution was written
the American War of Independence.

It was
in 1787.

Representation in Congress Disagreement
Large States:
Came up with a plan that was called the
Virginia Plan
Wanted the law-making body to be called
Wanted Congress to be
, which means it has
two houses
1st house
would be elected by the people
2nd house
would be elected by the first house
The number of Congressmen would be decided by the
of the state

The larger states liked this plan because they had LARGE populations and would
get to control the government
(how unfair!)
House of Representatives
1st house is called the
House of Representatives
Representatives are
by the people
They elect them for a
the number of representatives is
based on population
(this made the larger states happy!)
Smaller States
They came up with a plan called the
New Jersey plan
They said that Congress should be
, meaning it would have only 1 house
Each state would have the
same number
of representatives, no matter how many people lived in the state
This would mean that the small states would be
to the larger states
The Senate
The 2nd house was called the
Senators are elected by their
state's legislatures
for a
Each state has
This made the small states happy
The Constitutional Convention was a
meeting called in 1787 to talk about problems with the current government document, the Articles of Confederation.

Delegates met over 5 months to create a new form of government

The result was a new form of government, the Constitution.

George Washington led the Convention, and James Madison took detailed notes.

Once the Constitution was approved at the Convention, it still had to be ratified by a certain number of states.
Painting of the Convention
George Washington
Representation in Congress Disagreement part 2
Which plan do
agree with: The Virginia Plan, or the New Jersey Plan? Why??
The "Great Compromise" was a success! The large and small states both got what they wanted!!! YAY!
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