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Mona Parsons

No description

Seo-Yeon Yoo

on 16 April 2016

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Transcript of Mona Parsons

Mona didn't really have much going on in her childhood. She was a wise and peaceful child. All she wanted to become was an actor. She wanted to be famous and she always wanted to be a role model to the world. Mona's father's business was on fire 1911 and it burnt several other buildings. He packed up his family and moved to Wolfville. She went to a school called Acadia Ladies Seminary and that is where she started to fall in love with acting.
Quotation 1
Mona's childhood
Headline 3
Headline 4
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Who is Mona Parsons?
Mona Louise Parsons
Headline 5
Mona Parsons was a Canadian actor but her career didn't go well, so she became a nurse. She married a millionaire and moved to Holland with him. They had a great life until the Nazis invaded in 1940. She saved and helped people escape and been a great hero and save so many humans. She was the only Canadian women to be imprisoned by the German army.
Mona's Career
Mona went all the way to New York City to audition to become an actor. She became a Zeigfeild girl but her career didn't go well so she decided that she would become a nurse. In my opinion, I think that she wanted to be a nurse because she wants to help people in need. She then married
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