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eden ehlers 4/27/10 science project

eden srelhe

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of aristotle

Aristotle He died at 62 years old He was very good friends with fellow scientist named Plato. To base his beliefs, he looked at other
scientists studies and works and formed
an opinion based on those studies. His original study was in medicine. He was the first man to ever think
that the world was round. He was the one who changed the way people thought about the earth, because he started to ask questions and not just believe what everybody else believed. aristotle believed that the
solar system was sun centered. Aristotle lived in Athens, Greece and in Macedonia. He was once in the war. He discovered a new element called Aether.
He had his own idea about animal classification. The End!!!!!! www.philosophypages.com
old.perseus.tufts.edu/greekscience Philip the second becomes
King of Macedonia in 359 B.C and then was assanated in 336 B.C.
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