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Branding Myself: Who am I?

My personal branding assignment for Erin May and Education Academy.

Taylor Davis

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Branding Myself: Who am I?

Who exactly is Taylor Davis? Through My Eyes... What My Futures Holds... Top Brand Attributes. Core Strengths. SWOT Analysis. Goals. My Values. Passion. My Vision. Valuable Skills. First Word that Comes to Mind. Through Others' Eyes... Creativity:
I am a pretty creative person. If given a topic or subject and then five-ten minutes on my own, I will be able to come up with a creative way to do/present something or a way to work on something. I feel that is something I can bring to the table in the future. My ability to be creative is something that any company or in my case, school, could use because it shows that we want to take a few risks and be clever at the same time to get our point across. I know when I do creative projects for school, my teachers are always interested to see what I did and they are usually pleased with the result. Distinctive. My Attitude in One Word. My Vision and Purpose. Unique. Happy. History. Special. Weird. Personal Branding. Organization.
Process Oriented.
Detail Oriented.
In tune with my strengths.
Motivated to succeed and pursue my goals.
Goal Oriented.
Hard Worker. Empathy.

Great with Children.
High Patience Level.
Nurturing Ability.
Working well with others.

Ability to adjust in different settings. Distinctive.
Unique. Happy. History. Attentive. Individualistic. Driven. Positive. Descriptions. Understanding.
Patient. Authentic.
Artistic. Thoughtful.
Sensitive. Top Brand Attributes. Enthusiastic.
Honesty. Responsible.
Self Motivated.
Forward thinking.
Goal Oriented.
Drive to succeed. Strong ethics & feeling of "right" and "wrong."
Calm, but focused attitude.
Quiet personality in a unique way,
making it easy to trust me and
follow my lead. Core Strengths Can be counted on to meet and exceed expectations.
I will complete whatever task is set before me as long as I see it
purposeful and meaningful.
If I don't see the task as instrumental, I will still complete it, just not to my potential.
I listen and am pretty open minded to others' opinions prior to passing judgment.
I am deliberate in my decision making.
I am a good person to balance others who are high energy and rash. Organized.
Communication skills.
Compassion. Nurturing of children.
High patience level used with children.
Driven to help others achieve their goals. Ability to pick up loose ends.
Willing to do whatever job needs to be done.
Team player and encourages other to get involved.
Notices details that need to be handled. What makes me stand out? Thoughtfulness.
Aware of peoples' feelings and never want to hurt them.
Caring and concern for people with disabilities. Don't give into peer pressure.
Don't care how others do things or what they believe in, I do what seems right to me. Focus on the important things and don't sweat the little things.
Very goal oriented for a young person with a clear idea of what I want to do with my future. Equality and fair treatment for all.
We have come a long way since slavery and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s; however,
I still feel that we could do more.
It goes even further than the race issue.
This issue is also evident throughout different sexual orientations, different cultures, different religions, opposite genders, and people with disabilities. My purpose is being an educator in this society. As an educator, I would most likely see these issues in my everyday life. I could make a difference by doing activities in the classroom that requires the integration of these students that are viewed as different. This means I could separate my students into work groups making sure that each group has an equal amount of “different” students and “regular” students in it. The principles that guide me through life are challenge, perseverance, drive, pragmatism, sensitivity, structure, and zeal. Challenge:
I always love a challenge! If something is too easy, I feel like I am a failure because I feel as if I did it wrong since it was too easy. If things are challenging for me, I have to think about them and figure out the most reasonable way to solve it or complete it. Perseverance:
I don’t give up! If something is not complete, I will work and work until it is done, no matter how much I may hate the task or assignment. When things need to be done there is no stopping me. Drive:
I give everything my all! If I do not put forth as much effort as I am capable of, I feel as if I failed myself because it could be better. I am driven to always one up myself. I always feel that I could do things better than I really do, or did, if the task is completed. Pragmatism:
I take a practical approach to everything I do, so I am very pragmatic. This is most evident when I make decisions. I take a few days to make a solid decision that I will actually stick with. I weigh out all of my options, think of the pros and cons of all of the possible decisions, and I determine which one will be a better decision in the long run. Sensitivity:
I have a tough exterior and it is hard to get me to break down crying. I actually do not show my emotions at all. What you see is how I want to be seen. If I am upset by something, I will wear a smile anyway and keep to myself why I am upset. Since I am not sensitive myself, I use my sensitivity on others. I always seem to understand people’s problems and know what they are going through because more than likely, I have been through the same situation. This makes me sensitive towards others and I am always able to offer advice or solutions. Structure:
I need structure to function effectively. When I walk into any classroom, I immediately ask, “What are we going to do today?” I hate not knowing what is planned for me throughout the day. If I do not know what I am going to do, I am frazzled and cannot organize myself properly. I am able to go with the flow as long as I am told the change of plans right away. Zeal:
I am very zealous. I have lots of goals and ambitions. I am always trying to achieve these goals and reach these ambitions. It goes back to me being driven. I will work hard to achieve what I want achieved. Shortly after I achieve something, it is onto the next goal or ambition. My main passion is History! I love history greatly and am always excited to learn more in this subject area. I get excited when I get to go to museums or historical cities. If there is a great history movie either in the theater or on television, I am always the first one to insist upon watching it. The same goes with history television programs. If I know I will miss it, I always DVR it so I can watch it in my downtime. My room also displays this passion. My bookshelf is overflowing with only history books. I also have copies of important documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, and the Emancipation Proclamation. On top of that, I have things like Abraham Lincoln’s Rules of Conduct, a President plate, a President place mat, an inauguration bag from Obama’s Inauguration, and giant framed pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. History being the most boring subject to most people (especially all of my friends); I have learned to talk about it and discuss it in a way that is fun. I am very good at giving everything a positive spin. I learned quickly, being in the company of my friends, that if I want to talk about history, I have to find something positive about it and something that is easy for them to relate to. After I share the information in this manner, my friends felt that it was a cool fact. I feel that this is a trait that any teacher needs to be successful; they need to be positive and make their class easy to relate to. Right now I am focusing on finishing high school off strong and getting as prepared as possible for the next chapter in my life, college. My main goal and what I will be focusing on next year is to succeed my first year of college. This means I will study harder than I ever have before and possibly make a few friends that are just as passionate about their education as I am so we can study together. This means when I am not in class or working, I will be studying or doing school work. In two years, I wish to be well into my college career. At this point I will be two years into my five to six years of schooling required for my majors. I will hopefully be doing job shadows. My goal here is to show the teachers I am job shadowing with, that I am passionate in having a job in this field someday. I also want them to know that I always want to learn more and that I will try to take tips and pointers from them as much as possible. I am also always pushing myself to do better so I will also tell them that if they tell me things that I am doing wrong or things that I can improve upon, I will succeed better in this goal of successfully job shadowing by taking as much from this experience as possible. Five years from now, I will be reaching the conclusion of my college career. This is the year in which college is the most crucial. I have now obtained the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in my career. This year I will be focusing on finding the right job for me and learning how to use my strengths effectively in my future work environment. My goals at this point would be to be as successful as I possibly can be in college. Since college is near the end, I will reflect on this chapter in my life and make sure I made the most of it. Passionate, Nurturing, Quirky, Understanding, and Focused.
These are the words that I associate with myself because these words capture the true essence of who I am. I am passionate in most everything that I do. If I do not get joy from what I am doing, I have no desire to continue. Passion is truly what drives me. I am also nurturing because I take on a very motherly role when working with children. I always want the best for them, just like their mother would. Children just need to be nurtured. They cannot yet care for themselves, so as a caring adult, it is my role to nurture them. I am very quirky. I am unique; there is no one that can even come close to being like me. I am also quirky in the regard that I am not interested in many of the same things girls my age are. I absolutely love history and for lack of a better word, I am a history dork. How many other 17 year old girls say that? I am understanding. If I see someone that needs a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to, I am always a good option. I have been through a lot and have witnessed a lot in my family so I can understand most things and how to overcome them or what advice should be given. One of my most important traits that pin point me is my focus. When I have a goal in mind or a task that needs to be completed, I stay as focused as I can. I focus more on the end results as opposed to the tasks or goals themselves. My big focus give away is my music. When I have my music on and working on something, it is best not to talk to me because I am in the zone. Creativity and Communication are only two of my strengths, but I feel that they are my strongest and best strengths. Communicating:
I know how to communicate with people of all ages. I can think of something in my head and within seconds, I have figured out how to word it so that it makes sense to my audience. I obviously would not use the same language talking to my boss or employer as I would talk to one of my students. For example, I talk to my teachers and other adults differently than I do to my three year old cousin or thirteen year old sister.
Communication is all about finding the right language for your target audience!!!
STRENGTHS: High Patience and Tolerance level:
I can handle just about anything that a person may throw at me whether it is a behavioral issue and/or a focus issue such as ADD/ADHD. I could wait all day if I had to, to ensure that they became focused on the task at hand. I can also tolerate it. I have gone to school with and have worked with many children that suffer from one of or both of these disorders. I can either space it out or work with them one-on-one to finish the task needed to be done. Adaptability:
I am the type of person that takes each day as it comes. I know that every day is different and offers its own challenges and obstacles as well as a change in routine. I am able to adapt or “go with the flow” if you will to better meet the new day. I feel that people that do not have adaptability as a strength, cannot strive when put in situations in which every day is different and therefore plummet because they are stuck in yesterday. WEAKNESSES: Slow Decision Making: I must be given a few days to make an important decision. If I am not given these few days, I will make a decision then change my mind and then decide something else and then change my mind again. This vicious cycle just keeps going until someone just says this is what we’re doing. If I am given my proper few days, I will make a decision I feel good about and stick with it. This gives me times to analyze all my options, do pros and cons, and determine which one will be better for me in the long run. OPPORTUNITIES: I receive the opportunity to attend the University of my Choice (Missouri Western State University) and the opportunity to get a degree in my choice of career field (Special Ed. K-12 and Social Sciences with a 7-12 education endorsement). Some people never get the chance to have these two opportunities. Sometimes their futures are decided for them, it may be unfeasible, or they are unable to attend college due to some other obstacle in their life. I am extremely grateful to be able to have these wonderful opportunities. THREATS: A potential threat I might face is cost of tuition. What if I am no longer able to pay for college? This threat is probably not a major risk factor coming from a family that wants the very best for me. When I start school in the fall, I will be paying for my education in various ways, scholarships, FAFSA money, and the rest will be covered by my parents. If my parents were to die, I would still have several other family members that would probably be willing to pay for my education, so this is not a goal breaking threat by any means.
Target Audience. Since the two subject matters in education that I want to pursue are such polar opposites, I will be facing several different audiences. In my Special Education (K-12) field, I will be working with children ages 5-19. Decision makers in this field are looking for candidates that can communicate with all of these children. Not only will I, as the candidate, have to be able to effectively communicate and work with students of all ages, but also disabilities. Many people struggle with effective communication skills amongst children, even more struggle with being able to communicate with students with disabilities. I have had several experiences working and communicating with both children and adults with special needs. I can effectively communicate with both. This will attract future employers because I have skills that many people lack. To do special education, communication and the adaption of communication is crucial. This is strictly about knowing your audience. What can and can’t they understand? My audience is not a broad when working with just secondary level children. As a social science teacher in a 7-12 grade level, I will see students ages 12-19. Most of these students will not have a learning impairment of any kind whereas in Special Education, those are the types of students I work with all day, every day. With these students, I will mostly just be talking to them as I would any other middle school or high school age child. How advanced can my language be? How complex can my lessons be? These are the types of questions I need to keep in mind if I wish to effectively communicate with my students. Why am I different? My competition in the marketplace may offer many great attributes, but in the education field it is all about which candidate can best meet and fulfill the needs of the majority, if not, all of your students. I am the best hiring choice because I can teach so many different subject areas and I care about each and every student. I will be able teach Special Education, social studies, history, geography, civics/government, sociology, psychology, political science, economics, anthropology, and archeology. Students are individuals; they should not be classified by their cliques or talents. As an educator, I would take the time to get to know my students as the unique individuals that they are. As a teacher, I would only be able to see my students, at the most 7-8 hours a day, five days a week. This means that there are still about 128 hrs. a week that my students are not with me, but at home. All home situations are different for students and we don’t necessarily know what goes on at their homes. Some students have terrible situations they must endure every day at home, so I feel part of being an educator that truly cares about their students, one must treat all of his/her students equally, so the students do not think that it is personal discrimination, they might get enough of it at home, there’s no way of knowing. Also as a teacher, I would be willing to be there for my students and be the role model or take on the guardian role if needed. I know that I have had teachers that do this; I thought that it was great and made them a better teacher. I like to pin point the strengths of others. If I know my students, I will know all of their strengths, thus helping me be able to pin point their strengths. I would play off of their strengths. If I need help with something that is more geared toward a certain one of my student’s strengths and allow them the opportunity to assist me. This also makes the student feel like they play an active role in their learning, which is something all teachers should try to do. In Conclusion... I, Taylor Davis, would make a great addition to your business.
Everything that has been stated previously is a true and accurate depiction of what you will receive if and when you hire me. I am always willing to branch out and try new things as well.
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