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Input and Output Devices in Banks

Jo Jo Prezi Presentation on Input and Output Devices in Banks

Jo Jo Herbert

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Input and Output Devices in Banks

CCTV To take videos of people walking
in and out of the bank everyday
to see if anybody robs the bank The Input and Output devices in banks By: Jo Jo
10.4 Touchscreens To control a device by touching
the screen, e.g. ATM. Mouse The mouse controls whats happening
in the screen. Every banks should have it. Magnetic Strip Reader The magnetic strip reader reads the
black part behind the card that stores
information about a person, e.g. account number, the card holder's name, etc... Biometric Device A biometric device can reads parts
of people body, by scanning the finger
for finger prints or scanning the face
for face recognition if the face or the
finger print matches the previous one. Card Reader The card reader is use to read magnetic strip on the back of the card. Deposit Slot For people to put money in their
accounts by machine Keypad The Keypad is the small numeric keypad below the screen. It is use
to type in numbers that you need Cash Dispenser A cash dispenser is a computerized telecommunications device that allows a financial institution's customers a secure method of receiving cash in a retail location Speakers The speakers produce sounds that
people can hear Scanner Scan texts and pictures into a
file that the computer can read. Keyboard The keyboard is used in the bank by typing in the persons name, phone number, address, etc... Concept Keyboard A concept keyboard is an shorted version of the keyboard, the concept keyboard is used by pressing what you want and the symbols on the concept keyboard is not letters or numbers (A-Z, 0-9) it is pictures or words. Microchips A microchips is the gold part of the
credit card that stores information of
the bank account, name of the person,
how much money is in the bank, etc... Printer Prints some texts, images and other
things that is needed in the bank to
print out on paper. Monitors Used to present something on a
screen in a electrical way. First lets start with input devices Now lets go and have a look at output devices. Lastly, a microchip is an input and a output device Thank you for watching.
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