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Geography of Africa

No description

Joelie McCrary

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Geography of Africa

4. The Sahara Desert -"The Great Desert"

-HOT and DRY
-hottest recorded temperature 136F, Libya
-less than 10in of rain per year
-many animals are nocturnal
-large stretches of land where there is no sign of plant or animal life 6. The Nile River
-longest river (4,132 miles)
-flows northward
-creates fertile soil
-source for irrigation 8. The Savanna The Sahara Desert -5 million square miles

-found between desert and rainforest biomes

-lots of herd animals
-weather is fairly warm

-Rainy Season = 15 - 25 in of rain 7. The Savanna Tree of Ténéré
in the Sahara
from the tropical sun
-more than

on the forest floor under the tangle of trees 11. Challenges to the African Rainforest
-Hunting = Endangered Wildlife 13. Mount Kilimanjaro - Tanzania
-19,300 ft - The highest point in Africa
-Tallest free standing peak in the world
-snow capped mountain Mount Kilimanjaro Victoria Falls (Watch to 1:35 min) Lake Victoria
-Biggest Lake in Africa
-largest tropical lake in the world
-2nd largest freshwater lake (1st Lake Superior)
-Nile flows out of Victoria
-First discovered/recorded by Arab traders in 1160 AD
-Pollution by sewage and fertilizer
-Hyacinth - covers surface blocking sunlight needed for animal survival
- More fishing causes fewer fish
Demand for fish increases, fish population decreases youtube.com/watch?v=tFTpWy_gnVY Geography of Africa Now that you know about Africa... What areas are most densely populated?

What areas are less densely populated? 12. More challenges DANGEROUS INSECTS Mosquitoes
-Malaria Tsetse Fly 1. Importance of Africa - Important Natural Resources

-Lots of diversity What are some important reasons for learning about Africa? 13. Lake Chad - The largest HOT desert
- The size of the United States -covers almost half of the continent -lots of grasses and trees - - most Africans live in this region - has two seasons, a rainy summer and dry winter 4. 11. The Tropical Rainforest -very hot 60in of rain a year -dark and wet -rain evaporates quickly and
turns to steam http://video.answers.com/farming-in-the-savannahs-of-africa-481389873 10. Farming in the Savanna - once a landmark for astronauts circling the globe

- has shrunk 95% since the 1960s

-shrinking due to irrigation

- rivers that fill the lake are being drained
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