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Gene Monahan

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of T

Cash Crop
Tobacco was a problem because it was very hard to grow.It took farmers a year to grow Tobacco. So the planter would buy slaves and have them work really hard. These slaves were from South Africa and they would be slaves for there whole entire life.
The colonies trade goods like Tobacco to merchants and Great Brittan. Great Brittan loved Tobacco so much they started a ecnomic system called Mercantilism. Tobacco helped the colonies grow because Brittan would exchange goods for Tobacco like Cloth ,Metal,and Money.
Tobacco was the plant that made the colonies so much money and goods for the English colonies. Tobacco was 1.5 to 2.5 cents per pound.Tobacco was the plant everyone wanted. You could get anything you wanted if you traded tobacco.Tobacco helped the English colonies so much.
A cash crop is something sold for money or credit in order to buy needed tools.The colonies cash crop was tobacco.Tobacco was accounting for more then 25% of all exports.Each adult worker could produce 1000 pounds of tobacco each year.Tobacco was the money maker and the plant that got us goods.
Thank you!

By John Wedgeworth
Credit to
Bing and Google images
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