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The Outsiders

No description

Jenna Schade

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of The Outsiders

MAIN CHARACTERS: THE OUTSIDERS In the book The Outsiders there are many main characters, including; Ponyboy, Johnny, Two-Bit, Dally, Sodapop, and Darry. All these characters are part of the 'greaser' gang. Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry are all brothers. Johnny, Dally, and Two-Bit are their friends. MINOR CHARACTERS: The minor characters in the story are; Randy, Bob, Sherry, Marcia, Steve, and Sandy. Randy and Bob are the leader of the Soc's. Their girlfriends are Sherry and Marcia. People call Sherry, Cherry because of her red hair. Sandy was Sodapop's girlfriend. Steve is Soda's best buddy since grade school and they work together at the gas station. The author of The Outsiders is S.E. Hinton. She started writing this book when she was 15 and in high school. This book started off with her getting her anger out by writing, but then it turned into a book. She got the idea of Ponyboy getting beat up when she noticed her friend getting beat up by a "soc". She wrote this because she was tired of having what they call "groups" who try and over power each other. First Major Event The first major event that happened was when Bob got killed. It all started off with Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally. They went to the drive-in with Randy and Bobs's girlfriends, Cherry and Marcia. That made the Soc's mad and thats what started it all. Ponyboy and Johnny fell asleep outside of Johnny's house and woke up at 2 AM. Ponyboy knew Darry would be mad and ran home. When he arrived Darry was angry and hit him. Ponyboy turned around and ran right back out the door to find Johnny. He wanted to run away so bad but instead Ponyboy and Johnny decided to take a walk to the park to cool down. As they were walking in the park a blue mustang pulled up, the same one that had jumped Johnny before. The soc's jumped out of the mustang and shoved Johnny to the ground and tried to drown Ponyboy in the fountain. Johnny panicked and pulled out his switch blade and killed Bob. It shocked all the soc's and they all ran away. This was a major event that shaped the rest of the book. Second Major Event Another major event was when the church caught on fire. Dally had given Ponyboy and Johnny a week worth of baloney so they could runaway to a church on J Mountain. This way they would not get caught by the cops until Dally could come up to the church and get them. When Dally arrived they decided to take a trip into the city to go to Dairy Queen. When they returned to the church it was on fire. There was a class there and young kids were stuck inside. Ponyboy and Johnny felt that it was their fault and ran inside to save the kids. Johnny was inside handing the kids to Ponyboy outside. Before Johnny could get out a bar fell on his back and he was severely burned and he broke his back. Later on they realized that the kids had started the fire when they were playing with matches. Third Major Event Dary Sodapop Dally Two-bit Ponyboy Johnny Marcia Cherry Bob Randy Another major event was when Johnny died. Johnny was hurt badly in the fire and ended up in the hospital. Johnny was a great guy. He didn’t care if he died, he was just happy that he saved the kids because they have more in life than he did. It had been really hard for his gang to get used to him being in the hospital and just when they were finally getting used to it, Johnny died right in front of Dally and Ponyboy. Dally was so shocked and could not handle it. He robbed a store then pulled an unloaded gun at the cops and they shot him. This was a touching part of the book as it shows that Dally truly cared about his friends. Setting The story took place in the 1960's in a small town in Oklahoma. Most of the story took place at the Curtis' household where the gang usually hung out. Other settings were the park, church on J Mountain, drive-in, Dairy Queen, and the hospital. Steve Protagonist The definition of protagonist is basically the main character or who the book is focused on. In this book, I'd say that Ponyboy is the protagonist. The whole book is told through Ponyboy's point of view and how he sees his life. Throughout the book, it's Ponyboy who we see grow and change. Antagonist Antagonist is defined as an opposing force or person that goes out of their way to cause grief or failure. In this book the antagonists are the socials. In the book, they always jump the greasers to hurt them and to cause conflict. Mood The mood of the story is set straight from the beginning when Ponyboy gets jumped by the socs when coming home from the movies. I think the mood is angry and scared. This is because the greasers always have to go places as a group because they never know when they could get jumped. This causes them to always be in a panic mode in case something happens. When we were reading I was always nervous because i never knew if something was going to happen and when. Conflict Resolution The theme of The Outsiders is the value of family. Most of the greasers have either lost their parents or their parents neglect them. This means their gang is their family. The greasers care for each other like family because their all they have and they don't want to lose them. Theme The main conflict in The Outsiders is discrimination between the greasers and the soc's. They get these titles of either being a greaser or a soc by how they look, what they wear, if they have money or not, and where they live. For example, people who were considered to be greasers wore leather jackets and slicked their hair back. Soc's wore plaid shirts and had shorter hair. The rich people lived on the west-side of town and the poorer families lived on the east-side. How are people any less important or not as good just because they wear different clothing, and don't have a lot of money. The soc's believed that they were superior and therefore didn't treat the greasers as equals and discriminated against them. In the book there wasn't really a resolution. Both sides believed that by fighting it would show who was better. But fighting does not solve any problems. Even though the greasers did win, the soc's still treated them like they were not equal. Even today there is still discrimination. Everyone feels like they need to have brand named clothing, or that they are better because they have more money and are more popular than others. If you don't have the newest and best things, people think you aren't as important as them. I guess what this book really showed me is that we do actually have stuff in common from today and back then. Some of issues that society faced back then are still issues that we face today. Author I really enjoyed this book. Especially at the end when Ponyboy found the note left by Johnny in "Gone With The WInd". I found it a nice touch to add a softer side to the book. I feel like that note let Ponyboy come to terms with both Dally and Johnny's deaths. I also liked how the whole book was Ponyboy writing his English assignment and how we didn't know that until the end. End of Book
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