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Basic info about the sacrament of Matrimony, not including the Essential Rite. See my other Matrimony Prezi for that info.

Kathy McEldowney

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Matrimony

The Sacrament of Matrimony God is the author of marriage. He built it into man's nature. God is love. Man is therefore called to love; this is the most fundamental vocation of man. God created both man and woman to love each other. Their mutual love is an image of... The first sin resulted in a break from God. This resulted in a disruption of the God's intention for marriage. Mutual recriminations "It's not my fault..." Domination Lust Pain of childbirth Toil of work Supremacy or preeminence over another. An inordinate desire for or enjoyment of sexual pleasure. These things were not intended by God. They are caused by sin. They are not natural or a part of human nature. The original order still exists, but it is distorted. We need God's help and grace to live as He intended (including marriage). The law that was given to Moses provided the foundation for the Sacrament of Marriage. However, to allow for man's "hardness Slowly the idea of the indissolubility of marriage developed and is evident in the Old Testament. Christ's sacrifice for mankind began a New Covenant with man which will end in the "wedding feast of the Lamb" (Heaven). Marriage in the New Covenant Jesus began His public ministry at the Wedding at Cana. The teachings of Christ emphasized the original design of marriage. Jesus came to restore the original order of things; to return things to the way God intended. Marriage, as a result, has become a sign of the covenant between Christ and His Church. This is a confirmation of the goodness of marriage. This also shows that marriage is a sign of Christ's presence. Through the Paschal Mystery, man is given the graces necessary to live marriage as intended. Conjugal Love Marriage as a symbol... Procreation The Domestic Church A believing family that worships and practices their faith together. The home is the "first school of Christian life." ...of the Trinity ...of the relationship of Christ and the Church Father Son Holy Spirit Proceeds Man Woman Children Procreates The Father and the Son love each other and give themselves completely to each other. Their love unites them, yet they do not lose their individual Personhood. The love of the Father and the Son is so perfect it is a third Person, the Holy Spirit. The husband and the wife love each other and give themselves to each other. Through the marital act they are made one, yet they do not lose their individual personhood. The physical expression is procreative and produces a child. P A R A L L E L The Trinity Married Couple Sins against Marriage Christ Church Completely gives Himself Gives back all of Herself Jesus Christ, the bridegroom, loves His bride, the Church, He gave Himself completely to Her, unto death on the Cross. His bride, the Church, receives Him through the sacrament of the Eucharist and they become intimately united. The unity and love of Christ and His Church will last eternally. The groom loves his bride so much that he gives himself to her completely and she gives herself to him completely in return. Through the marital act, the husband and wife become intimately united and become one body. The union of the husband and wife is indissoluble and lasts "until death." Bride-groom Bride Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Conjugal Love Because marital (conjugal) love is so total, Marriage is indissoluble. Indissoluble - Impossible to dissolve or break; permanent. Married couples are called to grow in their communion with each other every day. This union with one another is increased through their communion with Christ. Couples should frequently receive the Eucharist together so that their unity with each other can increase. The love between a married couple should be mutual, unreserved, and unconditional. By taking the vows of Matrimony, each spouse is saying that they will be faithful and that their love is exclusive. The source of conjugal love is God, Who is so committed and loves mankind so much that He sacrificed His only Son. A married couple, as a symbol of the love God has for His Church, must remain faithful to each other. Conjugal love finds its full expression in the marital act. Conjugal love begins with the recitation of the marriage vows, but it is not complete until the marriage has been consummated. Conjugal love is a human love because it is directed from one person to another through an affectation of the will. The result of this love is that, through the total giving of themselves to each other through the marital act, the husband and wife become one, body and soul. Marriage is, by its very nature, ordered to the procreation and the education of children. "Children are the supreme gift of marriage." This is why a married couple cannot use artificial means to prevent conception. Artificial contraception is not allowed. Married couples must be open to having children. It is actually necessary to have this desire for the marriage to be valid. Parents are the principal educators of their children. - Gaudium et Spes Every time a couple engages in the conjugal act, they must be open to life and the act must be completed in full. Since the couple is not partaking in a good (in this case, the marital act), NFP can be used as a form of mortification (like a fast) as a means of obtaining holiness. If a couple does not wish to conceive, they should abstain from having sex during the time that the woman is fertile. NFP may only be used to not have children for legitimate, serious reasons. It can also be used to conceive. NFP is based on the rhythm of the female reproductive system. Parents should be witnesses to their children of a proper moral and spiritual life. It is in the home that children should first learn of the faith. Children learn from their parents what it means to be Christian. A family should worship, pray, and receive the sacraments together. By participating in the life of the Church together, the family takes part in Christ's priesthood in a special way. Fecundity = Fruitfulness Christ,
Bridegroom Artificial Birth Control The deliberate interference with the marital act by artificial means with the intent to prevent conception. Adultery Sexual intimacy between a married person and a party other than his or her spouse. Divorce A legal action that claims to break a valid marital bond. A legal separation is sometimes necessary to protect an innocent party or their children, but it can never claim to break the bonds of marriage, which are created by God alone. Polygamy The state or institution of an individual contracting more than one marriage or contracting marriage with an already married individual. Premarital Sex Sexual relations between unmarried persons. Cohabitation The state of a man and a woman living together in a relationship that involves sexual intimacy outside of marriage. Trial Marriage Cohabitation for the purpose of evaluating what marriage should be like. Same-Sex Marriage The legal recognition of a "marital-like" relationship between persons of the same sex. Improper Sexual Intimacy Improper sexual intimacy while dating grants to another the familiarity with one's body that is proper only to a persons spouse as prepartation for the marital act. Abortion The deliberate elimination of a conceived life while still in the mother's womb. Disparity of Cult - The Sacrament of Matrimony Matrimony: Essential Rite Sacramental Matter Sacramental Form Ordinary Minister Extraordinary Minister Who receives Graces received The man and woman. A covenant of life between a man and a woman, which is ordered to the well-being of the spouses and the procreation and upbringing of children. Their consent and commitment to each other. Begins with the exchange of vows. Is completed when it is consummated by the couple through the physical expression of marital love. The vows. Matthew 19: 1-12 Scriptural Basis Genesis 2: 21-24 Old Testament New Testament Institutional Scripture Malachi 3: 14-16 Proverbs 18: 22, 19: 14, 31: 10-12 John 2: 1-11 1 Peter 3: 1-7 Genesis 1: 26-28 1 Corinithians 7: 1-16 Ephesisans 5: 21-32 Washing of feet Isaiah 54: 5, 62: 4-5 Song of Solomon Questions 1. What is this passage about?
2. What does this passage teach us about the Sacrament of Marriage? A solemn promise made to God in the presence of witnesses. I, N., take you, N., to be my (wife/husband). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. The bride and groom. This is because the actual marriage takes place due to the expression of commitment to each other. None! The priest is the official witness of the Church and presides over the ceremony, but he is not a minister of marriage. A baptized man and woman. Must have sufficient use of reason... Sacraments needed before marriage (ideally): Baptism
Eucharist Need to meet all the requirements of a valid marriage. Requirements of a Valid Marriage Consent - A free act of will by which a man and a woman, in an irrevocable covenant, mutually give and accept each other, declaring their willingness to welcome children and to educate them. Follow the proper Marriage Rites of the Church. No impediments. Impotence - The inability to perform the marital act. Existing Marriage Bond Consanguinity - Holy Orders Public or Perpetual Vow of Chastity Force No "shotgun" marriages. Crime - "Til' death do us part" does not mean that you can kill your spouse to marry someone else... Marriage between a baptized Catholic and a non-baptized person. Marriages to Non-Catholics Mixed Marriage Marriage between a Catholic and a baptized Christian who is not in full communion with the Church. Must receive permission from the local bishop. Natural Marriage Marriage where at least one member is not Baptized. Must receive dispensation from the local bishop. The suspension by a competent authority of general rules of law in particular cases. If allowed, a NLM is valid, however, the married couple will not receive sacramental graces. Therefore, a natural marriage can be dissolved. Marital bond - Perfection of the couples' love: Help to attain holiness through each other. An irrevocable bond, established by God Himself, brought about through the mutual consent of the bride and groom. the two become one flesh. Get to take part in God's Creation through the procreation of children. It is still a sacramental marriage, and cannot be dissolved. Sacramental Matter Sacramental Form Ordinary Minister Extraordinary Minister Who Receives ...must be mentally and psychologically able to make important decisions. A hindrance or obstruction in doing something. ...under Divine Law: Related by blood. ...under Canon Law: ( ) Graces Received Marriage in God's Plan The Original Intent of Marriage The Fall Corruption of Marriage Due To Sin Marriage in the Old Covenant Old Covenant New Covenant Creation God created man in His image and likeness. God created man out of His love. God is a Trinity of loving relationships. Son Holy Spirit Marital Relationship Woman was given to man to be his "helpmate." Man and woman were created for one another. Their love is intended to be fruitful; just as God's love is fruitful. Therefore the bond between man and woman is unbreakable. ...the love of the Trinity. ...the love God has for man. The first consequence of this is that the relationship between man and woman became corrupted. Father The corruption of Marriage It provided protections for the wife from domination by the husband. of heart," God allowed men in the Old Covenant to divorce their wives. Love Love P A R A L L E L Completely gives himself Gives back all of herself Christ and the Church P A R A L L E L P A R A L L E L Married Couple A total love that has as its aim a deeply personal unity that leads to the formation of one heart and soul that is indissoluble and open to procreation. N P F The formation of new life through a married couple's cooperation with God and in response to their vocation. atural amily lanning The practice of engaging in sexual intercourse based on the woman's natural cycle to space births.
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