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Subliminal & Embedded Advertising

Subliminal & Embedded Advertising

Vincenzo DiTrolio

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Subliminal & Embedded Advertising

Subliminal Ad 1 In this ad there is a hidden picture
inside of the ice at the bottom. It is
a sexual image that was put in by
coca - cola. Subliminal Ad 2 In this ad by KFC there is a subliminal message that pops up very quick in one of their commercials. In the lettuce of one of their sandwiches there is a dollar bill. This is most likely used as a way to subconciously get customers to spend their money at KFC. Subliminal Ad 3 Although it is a little difficult to see in this picture. The castle in the background has an inapropriate picture of "a male body part." Embedded Ad 1 Embedded in the video game MLB 2K10 there are advertisements for State Farm and Topps in the stadiums. Embedded Ad 2 Embedded in the stadium of this game are advertisements for Heinz Ketchup. Embedded Ad 3 This picture from Talladega Nights shows how Will Ferrell was sponsored by Wonder Bread in the movie. Also, Good Year tires and Dickies are also advertising. More advertising occurs on Ferrell's car; it has Mobil, EA Sports, Holley, and many other companies with bumber stickers on the front of his car.
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