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Emerging Technologies

No description

Jennifer Carson

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of Emerging Technologies

Not just bling!

Always focus on your ultimate goal
Students communicating in the target language for meaningful purposes
In person
Authentic Input
Wikis, websites, images, audio, video
Checking for Understanding
Have you tried any of these?
Organizing and managing the classroom
Social Media
How can they use it with you?
Emerging Technologies
to support language learning
Straight ahead
Watch out for fog and road blocks!
in support of district curriculum
select technology tools carefully


learning about each other’s hobbies, schools, and favorite soccer teams.

Students in Spain and the U.S. took turns, asking and answering questions in Spanish and English.

Making a true connection with SKYPE
at Kemps Landing Magnet School

8th grade Spanish I students used
Aurasma to review vocabulary

Aurasma at Independence Middle School

They use it with their friends...
Assessing and grading
Making your job easier

It's your turn now!

In small groups, pick one site or app
and brainstorm how you can use it in the context of a specific lesson.
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