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No description

Brianna Lorraine

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Society

What Does This Mean?
*The way society is, if you think about it, its really twisted.

*One's true self is rarely shown

*Go to great lengths to looks good, impress others

*It takes a lot of courage, and one person passionate enough about ere they stand to break the mold

How do these authors show us the relevance of these attitudes of history in a sort of way we are interested?

*The six traits of writing (very important)
- Ideas- ideas of how women in society act (and people in general)
-Organization- knowing historical facts to tie into the story and message
-Word choice- not only actually words, but in language and voice (TEWWG)
-Sentence fluency- helps us understand the context
-Conventions- aids understanding

Everyday Life
*People have always strived for that "perfect image"

*Worry so much about how the world views them

*Lying, pretending, wear a "mask"
*For centuries, society has always been a controversial thing.

*You must be a certain way, certain things will gain you respect

The Roles of Society in Literature
Scarlet Letter: She was forced to wear a red A on all of her clothing because she had sinned.
Crucible: Women lied about seeing spirits to gain trust and popularity, and to fill desires.
Their Eyes Were Watching God: Janie wanted to find that "perfect love" but her grandmother and spouses saw it differently.
Scarlet Letter: Hester stopped caring what people people thought, and wore her letter proud, because she loved her daughter, and wouldn't let anything bring her down.
Crucible: Abigail desperately wanted John Proctor, even though he was married. She continued to put on a charade to keep trust and power.
Their Eyes Were Watching God: Janie was put into her first marriage for security, and her second marriage was very political and she lost her voice. She stood up to Joe and found love she wanted in Teacake.
*Does this topic fit with modern society?
*People constantly try to be on top of the social food chain
*Wear masks, hide their voice
*Society has changed to the point minorities are treated more respectfully, everyone is equal
*People handle it differently

*Women had always been viewed as second class to men, also known as "feminism"

*They had no voice, or say in anything

*Some women are brave enough to fight for themselves.
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