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Wild life

My prezi is about wild life

Ellie Year 5

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Wild life

BY ELLIE YEAR 5 wild life WILD LIFE THE END There are lots of wild life in gardens, zoo's and places out side .
Some you can have as pet's . Also , some are VERY friendly e.g
rabbits , some dogs like west highland white terrier . I hope
you enjoy ! Bee's are a part of wild life . They make honey for there whole family , and we take some of the honey . The honey comes from nectar . Nectar comes from the center of a flower, it is yellow . So really the bees turn the nectar in honey. BEE'S There are lot's of different beautiful birds in the wild , like the Magpie it is
black , and white both colours are amazing. Also , there is a Robin they only
really come out at Christmas . Some times you can have a bird as a pet. Caterpillars are one of are friendly friends . If they eat , eat , and eat they
might just turn into a ........
BUTTERFLY . Butterfly's have different colours , and different patterns .
Here are some examples : The Cabbage White Butterfly, Skipper Butterfly. CATERPILLARS Well , I hope you enjoyed yourself ! BIRD'S Thank you for watching !
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