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Slavery From the Perspective of the South

Slavery from the perspective of white southern slave owners.

Tyler Devin Johnson Tuma

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Slavery From the Perspective of the South

Why They Needed Slaves Runaway Slaves When slaves ran away, their owners would beat them if the could catch them and if they couldn't catch them, then they would just shoot them. slave Owners Southern Plantation owners needed labor done. Slaves worked the field picking crops. the white people with farms buy slaves so they can work on the farm. Twelve million Africans were shipped to the Americas from the 16th to the 19th centuries Peter, a man who was enslaved in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1863, whose scars resulted from violent abuse by a plantation overseer. The first record of African slavery in Colonial America was made in 1619. At any given time, at least 10,000 or more people are forced to work in sweat shops, clean homes, and labor on farms, or they could also work as prostitutes or strippers. They are mostly immigrants from Mexico and Central Asia, but some are from South Asia, Central America, Africa, and Europe. Slavery In Modern America Punishment of Slaves Slave Owners needed slaves because they were poor and couldn't do all the work by themselves.
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