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Mrs.Nelson 5th Grade

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of CHEROKEE INDIANS by cj

CHEROKEE INDIANS in the south eastern u.s.
By CJ banks

Power is vested in the Principal Chief. The Principal Chief is responsible for the execution of the laws of the Cherokee Nation. The Deputy Principal Chief is empowered to act as directed by the Principal Chief. The Principal Chief and Deputy Principal Chief are elected to four-year terms
The Cherokee did not view the earth as the "mother" of the human people, as the Sioux do, but as a place made for the Human People to live and which in and of itself was also a living thing. Se-lu, the Corn Mother, was viewed as the mother of the human people in ancient Cherokee legends.

The Cherokee Indians were one of the largest of five Native American tribes who settled in the American Southeast portion of the country.
culture and clothing
The Cherokee wore clothing made from animal skins before the Europeans introduced cloth to the tribe. Even into the 1800's the men wore the leggings made of deer hide in order to protect their legs from thorns and underbrush. There culture Their language is an Iroquoian language. In the 19th century, historians and ethnographers recorded their oral tradition that told of the tribe having migrated south in ancient times.
Cherokee history timeline.org
our goverment.com
Sir Alexander Cuming embarks on a mission to secure Cherokee allegiance to the British. He meets with several Cherokee chiefs at the town of Nequassee where he convinces them to submit to English rule. This first official treaty also establishes Chief Moytoy of Tellico (Overhill) as emperor and leader of the Cherokee Nation. Cuming takes a Cherokee delegation to England
Second land cessions (#2 on Royce map). Battle of Talíwa, the decisive battle between the Creeks and the Cherokees who had been fighting for 30 years. The outnumbered Cherokees are at first over matched and driven back, however.
That is all about the Cherokee indians.I hope you liked it and learned a hole lot.
Qualla Phase — Qualla is identified with the historic period Cherokee Indians. Because of similarities of artifact styles, house and village structure and burial patterns, it is quite clear that the Pisgah folk are direct ancestors of the Cherokee people.

However, it is also likely that other peoples (from east Tennessee and north Georgia) also contributed to the historic period Cherokee culture. (Some sources: Cherokees are a branch of the Iroquois nation.)
The Cherokee Nation is the federally-recognized government of the Cherokee people and as such has sovereign status granted by treaty and law. Its capitol is the W.W. Keeler Complex near Tahlequah, Oklahoma the capital of the Cherokee Nation. Cherokee Nation has operated under a constitutional form of government since 1827. Today there are more than 320,000 registered Cherokee citizens, making us the largest Native American tribe in the United States.

Where people of the Cherokee nation lived, in what is now North and South Carolina and Georgia, was a great place to live. It never got very cold - even in winter it hardly ever snowed - and it never got that hot either. There was plenty of water, all year round.
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