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The Body/Stand By Me Comparison Presentation

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Shaelyn Lavery

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of The Body/Stand By Me Comparison Presentation

The director probably excluded these parts of the movie because he felt that they were unnecessary and didn't matter that much to the storyline, like the part with the bullet shells. He probably excluded the boys getting beat up by Ace and his gang and when Vern and Teddy get killed because those parts were at the end of the story and it would almost be like starting another story that would be hard to explain in a movie and it would make the movie a lot longer than it would need to be for people to want to watch. It would also kind of take the focus of the story away from Chris, who it seemed like was the main character told from Gordie's point of view. The director changed the part of the book where Ace made an anonymous call to the police about the body to Gordie making the call because it adds to the effect of Gordie's gang being the “good guys” and Ace's gang being the “bad guys”. If Ace called, that would make it sound like Ace is being a good person, and he isn't portrayed as one at all. They cut out the part where Gordie sees Ace again when they are older because they ended the story and again, it wasn't that important to the end of the movie. It was also the last scene which wasn't that much of an exciting scene to end a movie with.
We found five differences that we notice between the story and the movie are the following:
- Gordie and the boys did not look for the left over shells from the gun in the movie. In the book, Gordie finds and picks up the gun shells in the mud by Ray Brower's body.
- The book describes what Ace and his gang did to injury Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern. During the movie, the boys encounter Ace and his gang but it doesn't show a scene of them getting beat up.
- At the end of the movie, it wasn't mentioned that Teddy and Vern were going to die. The book mentions about what happened to them as they grew older and how they both died.
- In the book, Ace decides to call law enforcement anonymously to tell them the location of the body. It mentions the movie that Gordie was the person who called in about the body.
- In the story, Gordie sees Ace again in some time between "77 and 80". Ace gained weight and became an alcoholic. In the movie, there isn't a scene where Gordie sees nor mentions Ace.
Book vs. Movie
As the group grew older and began choose their own paths as individuals things surely had changed. Vern Tessio was killed in a apartment fire in 1966. Teddy got held back a year but finally graduated, and he began to hang around places like Ace and his gang would before him. Teddy died in a car crash in Harlow, in the year 1972. Chris enrolled in the college courses in his second year of junior high and everyone gave him a hard time because they believed that he wouldn't pass. By junior year of high school, Gordie and Chris were accepted to the University of Maine, Gordie was at the Orono Campus, and Chris at Portland Campus for pre-law. Gordie stayed close to Chris because they shared the desire to get out of Castlerock and pursue their dreams. Near the end of 1971, Chris went into a Chicken Delight and tried to make peace between two men arguing, one of the guys pulled a knife and stabbed Chris in the throat. He died almost instantly, and had been finishing his 2nd year of graduate studies. Gordie had been married a year and a half and his wife was pregnant. He taught high school engilsh and when found out about Chris's death, he went for a drive and cried alone.
Narrators Summary
Gordie had assumed that Ace had left an anonymous phone call about Ray Browers body. Near the end of the month, while Gordie was walking home from school, Ace and Fuzzy jumped him. They broke his nose, two of his fingers and gave him a black eye. When Gordie's parents asked him who jumped him, he simply said he did not know who it was. Chris's brother beat him up and broke his arm in two places. When he went to see the doctor, he had told him that he fell down the stairs. Vern's brother knocked him out for eavesdropping under the deck. His brother thought he killed him but he was okay. Three more guys from Aces's gang jumped Teddy, beat him up, and broke his glasses. Teddy tried to fight back as usual. When the casts came off and their bruises healed, Vern and Teddy started to drift away from the group. They found a new group of friends who were real wet scabby assholes, they brought them to the treehouse and ordered them around. With the new friends Vern and Teddy brought to the treehouse, Gordie and Chris began to drop by there less and less. Vern and Teddy slowly became just two more faces walking through the halls.
Summary Continued!
Conclusion: Chapters 28-34
The Body/Stand By Me Summary and Analysis
By: Shae & Nick

After they found Ray Browers body and scared off Ace's gang with the gun, Gordie found and picked up the gun shells in the mud by the body. They decide to leave for home and walked through the night. The group got back into Castlerock a little past 5 Sunday morning. They walked across the tracks and through the dump. Then they walked into town and stopped at the sidewalk of a vacant lot. Vern and Teddy left first to go back home. Gordie and Chris started making their way home together and were talking about what Ace and his gang would do to them. When it was time to say goodbye, they both went their separate ways.
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