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Music Production

My exit project presentation. I hope you like it!

Sophia Hall

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Music Production

Production By Sophia Hall History of Music Production Topic One: How has recording and producing evolved over the last hundred years? Invention: Thomas Edison 1877 Cylindrical Phonograph Emile Berliner 1894 Recording and Producing Process Topic Two: What is recording and producing music and what is the difference between the two? Les Paul 1953 Phonographic Disc Multi-Track Recording Device Self-Producing Topic Three How can I self produce my own music? Songwriting Instrument Arrangements Practicing Recording Mixing Mastering Production Process Recording: Harvesting sounds needed for production Producing Turning sounds into a final, polished track 1965 1982 1990s James Russel MP3s! A Revolution in Music Michael Robertson 1997 Where You Paying Attention? Items Needed Computer History 1 2 3 4 5 Interface MIDI Software Cords Microphone Instrument Compact Disc Instrument Voice Demo Topic Four What is a demo and how can you use one Demo: A demonstration of your abilities Agents Managers Labels Personality
Music Style
and Skill 20 minute long epics A full album's worth of songs Focus on one type of song Use cover songs 3-5 songs Show versatility Use original songs Career Topic Five How can someone have a successful career in the music business? Agent Manager Lawyer Jobs Producer Artist Misconceptions About The Music Business There's too much competition It's incredibly hard to be successful You have to be "discovered" Has nothing to do with talent Labels Want... Stability Talent Marketability The End! KEEP AN OUT (Hammer Time) Volunteers Needed! Listen to Music!
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