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No description

Marina Bevanda

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Croatia

How to get there Hotel Restaurants Weather Food from the country Why go there? Croatia You should visit Craotia
because it is a beautiful place
and worthwhile to visit. It is enthralled
by Trogir and the inland waterfalls.
Staying at Hotel Central
double/Twin room
breakfest included
$595 a night
10% tip

Food- Pivski muffini sa zara
- Gibanica
Kolaci- Brze Bombice
(desserts)- Mjeseci od ljesnjaka i badema
- Kiflice
- Oblatne
- Vanilin sladoled
- Crno-bijeli keksi
Torte- Cappuccino
- Tisucu listova
- Schwarzwaldska
- Nebeska
- Mrkve

Crno-bijeli keksi Cappuccino
Torta Brze Bombice Oblatne Dalmatino
Kod barba bozjeg
Pizzeria kogo
10% tip

Departing from Toronto on
July 3, 2010 at 5:30pm
Arriving in Zagreb at 7:00pm the next day.
Family is picking us up at the airport = $0
Cost of the flight = $1374
It is safe to travel all over Croatia and mugging and thefts are not a problem. You can safely walk in any town at night, but use your common sense, as always. Say no firmly and you will not be bothered. In case of any problems, approach a policeman or even a soldier, who will assist you. Both the Croatian police and the army are well disciplined. If you have a language problem, approach a younger person (teenagers/students) as they all speak some English and will be eager to help.
Things To Do:
Some things you can do are:
go and visit Zagreb, Split, and
Diving center-Scuba Diving : boat trips,
shore diving, night diving
PADI Diving courses.
sailing, diving, kayaking, hiking,
biking, rafting, scenic flights
and much more.
Sarajevo- the capital city of Bosnia and

The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb

The Tram in Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb

Exchange Rate The maximum weather in July is,
about 26 C and the humidity is about
$1 CAN = $5.44 HRK
Safety Concerns By: Marina
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