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American Born Chinese

Theme triangle on American Born Chinese, Easy A, and All I want by A day To Remember.

Shelly Vazquez

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of American Born Chinese

A Day To Remember Theme Triangle! Stereotypes American Born Chinese Stereotypes are often used in
stories, comic books, movies, etc
to send out a deeper message Some stereotypes tackle deeper situations such as, language, food, and culture.
Some of these stereotypes are highly looked down upon in society and are considered repulsive. Stereotypes are often followed by
cruel jokes, teasing,
verbal and possibly even physical attacks.
These situations may make someone
feel low about who they are,
they may try to change their
personality, appearance, style, and even culture. Easy A Dealing with nationality... Dealing with apperance and religion... Olive is reffered to as average looking because,
she has small brests;
meanwhile Rhiannon is reffered to as better looking because,
she has larger breasts. Olive is considered a whore because, of rumors that spread around,
she began playing the role
making people think she slept around with everyone. Religion was also a common stereotype in the movie,
they used common stereotypes to criticize Christianism in a comedic way. Dealing with general stereotypes... "Won't keep my voice down.
Know the words I speak
are the thoughts I think out loud."
"...save regrets for the broken."
"If you take it from me,
live your life for yourself. "

They really become the counter point of the project, not caring about stereotypes and following their dreams, living to the fullest. Stereotypes often make someone want to conform to society and their friends, to conform they have to give up on some of their own morals. Theme American Born Chinese The old lady explains how
you must give up who you are
to become someone else. All I Want by A Day To Remember Brandon and Olive lie to
stop the verbal and physical abuse he goes through for being gay.
The lie later caused problems for Olive. Easy A All I Want In this song they refuse to conform to what people expect them to be. Their Response... American Born Chinese author Gene Luen Yang All I Want by A Day To Remember from Alternative Press Mini Mag Shelly's boy friend! "This track is about being in a band.
Doing what we do isn't
the smartest or
the most realistic path to follow, but
this song is about saying
the hell with it.
Do what you want.
'One life, one chance'" "I think I'll lose my virginity to him.
Maybe in five minutes,
maybe tonight,
maybe sixth months from now,
or maybe on the night
of our wedding.
Either way,
it's really none of
your business." They all learn to accept who they really are.(': Conclusion... Easy A American Born Chinese Easy A A Day To Remember By...
Erika Haro
Fatima Vazquez "Shelly"
Mayra Valadez Book: American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

Movie: Easy A

Song: All I want by A Day To Remember

Images/videos: Google

A Day To Remember response: Alternative Press Limited Edition Mini Mag A Day To Remember
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