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Totem Poles

No description

Tommy Le

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of Totem Poles

So this is a thing about totem poles
enjoy boi's n gurlz
So lets start off with this what i will be talking about
the first nations people have a HIGHLY stylized art form, carving wood.
What are totem poles you may ask?
Totem Poles are monumental sculptures carved on poles, posts, or pillars with symbols or figures, as they are made with large trees
There are several types of totem poles
but i have so far counted 7, please enjoy as i show you 7 totem poles
and what they are made for :)
House Frontal
• 20 or... 30 feet high
• they are for most of the time, decoration
Why did They make them?
The carvings on the poles may symbolize or commemorate cultural beliefs that recount familiar legends, clan lineages, or notable events
Totem Poles
From Stanley Park
First Nations Art
~ Totem Poles ~

Made by Tommytherox
The form of art I will be talking about today, is called a totem pole

by me, Tommytherox :)
if u have any questions, contact dumtommy231@gmail.com
or my youtube chanel @ Tommytherox TV RBLX
Memorial Poles
• These poles are put up 1 year after someone dies
• size varies
Mortuary Poles
• These Poles are put up when someone who is extremely important dies.
• and is usually 50 - 60 feet high
Shame Poles
Made when someone does something bad
Makes someone embarrassed
Removed when someone has undone the wrong they had done
has little person on top
Welcome Poles :)
Large carvings of human figures
As tall as 40 feet
Used to welcome guests
Used to intimidate strangers
for lols
The Totem Pole Meanings
self sacrifice
Powerful Healing
Wikipedia article. (last updated 7 May 2015). Totem poles.‎ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totem_pole
CanWest News Service. (April 27, 2006). Stolen totem pole returned to B.C. http://www.canada.com/story.html?id=e6fb599b-b216-485a-949f-8e0f40b8ffa2
The stolen totem pole :O
Was Retrieved in 2006 (long time ago) so this is old but cool
The G'psgolox totem pole, stolen from the Haisla people of Kitimat in northern British Columbia
nearly 80 years ago
15 years of efforts by band members to bring the pole home.
now at UBC :P
the end
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