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Game Changers Mike Lupica

No description

Brooks DeLozier

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Game Changers Mike Lupica


Chapter 1
Chapter 1 is about when basketball season starts and there is three teenagers. The main characters is named Ben and his two friends were happy that they are on the same team. But they have rivals and they have the best player that they think is Chase and he plays for the Darby Bears.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 is about when Ben was just getting to hear about the Chase.He was a little nervous because they said he was the best point guard but Ben was like what did you just say .
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 is about when Ben and his friends were getting a drive back in one of the moms cars. His friend's were nagging because he hogged the ball.
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 is about when Ben was practicing by his self. He didn't mind it because he got to take more shots. He always gets to work on his outside shoot with nobody bugging him
Chapter 3
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 is about when they were talking about when they were talking about when Ben's played with his team on a 4 on 4. Because there was 9 players so they ha to sub one players in and out.
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 is about what they did in practice they worked on offense and defence and they worked on their plays that they made up.
Chapter 7
Chapter 7 is about when Lilly
told Ben that they need to walk in the town for ice cream so they left and they got to the town and they talked in the ice cream shop
Chapter 8
Chapter 8 is about when Lilly was walking home with Ben but she knew her house was on the way but she was going to walk back
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 is about when Ben and sam had to get there check ups at the doctor. So they know that they have not have any broken bones.
Chapter 10
chapter 10 is about when they are talking about all the time on the bench that's there no rule about how much time a player can play
Chapter 11
Chapter 11 is about when they were talking about this kid Shawn was still learning how to play basketball.
Chapter 12
chapter 12 is about when Ben was com planing that he had to guard the point guard bobby
Chapter 13
Chapter 13 is about when they are making a connection with a old football game with there winning game in the football Championship.
Chapter 14
chapter 14 is about when ben was trying to get his teammates to come to a movie with Chase .
Chapter15 is about when Ben was trying to avoid sitting next to Lilly.
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 16 is about when Ben got home and tried to call Lilly but he only got the voice mail.Then he aologize on the phone.
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 22
Chapter 21
Chapter 23
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
The problem is
that they have this rival because they have the best player in that league and he plays for one of the best teams
Chapter 17 is about when we are just hearing about the knights and Jamal Warren.
Chapter 18 is about when they are talking about the kid who hasn't made the team 2 years running
Chapter 19 is about the game before
Christmas they played Darby in there gym.They were 2-2 now they are 3-2
Chapter 20 is about when Ben made a foul but him and Chase both know he didn't touch.Beause it says hadn't touch him.
Chapter 21 is about when Ben was telling his parents that him and Sam and having a sleepover at his friends house.
Chapter 23 is about that nobody talked about the practices that nobody was talking about the records.
Chapter 24
Chapter 24 is about when a team in the same league has been and they just got beaten by the worst team.
Chapter 25 is about when there coach was
driving them to the game to get more practice.
I noticed that they were all the starting five so that's why that they wanted to get some more pratice
Chapter 26 is about when Lilly came over
and ate with Ben and his family they ate
chocolate chip pancakes.
Chapter 27 is about when the main character was shocked because the player that does not make the shots made a shot.
Chapter 28 is about when the coach was telling Ben to sit down and get some rest cause he is going in on the next timeout.
Chapter 29 is about when Ben was hurt because he got a ankle hurt in one of the final minute.
Chapter 22 is about when they are talking about the hoodies that his family gave him that one is yellow and one is green.But they are still Packers.
Ben Character
Ben character is Sweet ,kind like basketball and sporty.
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