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Task 3

No description

Kim Wilkinson

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Task 3

Task 3
Double Page Spread
Throughout this double page spread key colors such as red, black and yellow are used to convey the house style of the magazine because of the connotations each colour has. Red and black are associated with evil and danger, whereas yellow conveys joy and happiness. The contrast between yellow and the red and black combination highlights the brand identity as it emphasizes the representation of the artists which reflect the house style.
In summary, this magazine uses a masculine, confrontational house style to create an aggressive brand identity which is typical of the punk/rock music genre that this magazine focuses on and more likely to appeal to the target audience, and even the secondary audience.
Front Cover
Throughout the magazine a number of techniques are used to reinforce the brand identity and present the house style. One way the brand identity and house style are presented on the front cover is through images; the photo of the featured artist ‘Limp Bizkit’ is placed in the center of the magazine and shows him wearing chunky jewelery. This presents him as young and urban, which would appeal to the target audience as this representation follows age and music genre stereotypes. Moreover, a medium camera shot has been used to include his tattoos on his knuckles and arm to further present him as urban. This also creates a mode of address which is stereotypical of the punk/rock genre; threatening and masculine. Also the camera shot itself reflects a persona of confrontational and threatening, which is typical of the house style. The artist is addressing the audience in a threatening way to show him as aggressive which inherently reflects the style of music he produces. Moreover, the smaller images encircling the photo of him are smaller and convey a less aggressive tone, this emphasizes the key characteristics portrayed in the main center photo as it creates a mild contrast between them.
Contents Page
On the contents page image is also a key technique when conveying the house style and brand identity. The main photo on the contents page shows Hayley Williams surrounded by a pitch black background. The background alone has various negative connotations which reinforce the brand identity which has already been clearly conveyed in the first three pages. The background connotes evil, danger and power which represents the house style of the magazine and the music genre that it focuses on. Furthermore, she has red hair and is wearing red make up under her eyes. This combination of black and red further reflects the negative connotations of the house style such as danger and evil. The magazine uses the same technique on the contents page as on the cover; the smaller photos on the contents page create a mild contrast between them and the negative representation of Hayley Williams as the other photos appear to be more positive. This emphasises the negativity of the main photo and also draws the reader’s attention to it.
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