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Katelyn Montgomery

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of TELEPHONE

Under What Circumstances Was It Invented
The telephone was not accidentally made.Alexander Graham bell always had the dream of being an inventor and inventing " the telephone" . His mother and wife both influenced him to become an inventor and to invent the telephone. Bell was also a scientist and a engineer and that really helped him with the invention of the telephone.

What Companies Were Involved In Manufacturing the Telephone?
- Bell : " The bell telephone was a common law joint stock company which was organized in Boston on July 9th 1877. The bell telephone company was started on the basis of holding. Two companies merged Feb 17 1879 to form two new entitles the national Bell phone company of Boston and the International Bell telephone company."
- AT&T:"In 1881 Amerian Bell had aquired controlling interest from the Western Union. A year earlier in 1880 the management of American bell had created that would become AT&T long lines."
The First Phone Call Was ...

Who Invented The Telephone?

The Telephone was conceived / invented at Alexander Graham
Bells summer home in Brantford, Ontario which was in 1876,
however later that year he physically created his first telephone in Boston, Massachusetts. He figured since he lived most his life in the US he would invent the telephone there too.
In the 1870's there were two inventors Elisha Grey and Alexander Graham Bell. They were both independently designing devices that transmitted speech electrically. Grey and Alexander Graham Bell rushed their designs to the patent office within hours of each other. Alexander Graham Bell patent his Telephone first. By patent his telephone first meant that he got
Alexander Graham Bell was Born on
March 3rd, 1847 Edinburgh, Scotland. "Bell was the son and grandson of authorities in elocution and the correction of speech". Alexander wanted to pursue in the same specialty as his father and grandfather. Bell's mom and wife both were deaf which made bell have enough knowledge to teach the deaf as well as to invent the first telephone.
How Does a Telephone Work?
The first telephone worked by giving off sound waves " like ripples in the water". The sound travels through the mouth piece. The sound waves are copied then transmitted. Behind the transmitter are carbon grains, when its traveling it make the grains vibrate. This alters the grains as a whole.
Laws Governing Phone Usage
Cellphone reception may vary depending on where you are. It is illegal to text/call while you are driving a moving vehicle. An unwritten rule for teenagers in this day and age is no using your phone during class at school.
Cost of the Telephone
The first cell phone cost $20-$40 and weighed a total of 1 pound. This was a lot of money for back in the 1890's and is approximately $700 now. Phones nowadays vary between $0-500 and ways about 3.5 ounces! Examples of the top phones now are IPhone, Samsung, Nokia, and Blackberry.
" Watson come here, I want you! " This phone call was made on March the tenth 1879 in Boston, Massachusetts. This conversation was between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas A Watson.
Facts About The Telephone
- "The first telephone answering service started in 1923".
- "Alexander Graham Bell suggested " ahoy" as the original telephone greeting but later Thomas Edison suggested hello instead" .
-"The word telephone comes from a Greek roots meaning " far speaking" .
-" Mark Twain was one of the first to have a phone
in his home. There was no technology for timing calls in the early days of the telephone so the phone company used to charge a flat monthly rate for service".
Facts About The Telephone
-"Bell improved on the telephone design and by 1886 more then 150,000 people owned telephones in the US".
Most ways to say hello over the phone are the same around the world no matter what country you are from.
German: Hallo
Croatian: Halo
French: Allo
Japanese: Haro
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