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Public relation 201 Principle

No description

Timon Leander

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Public relation 201 Principle

Public Relation Principle 201 Timon Leander 15643267
Nessya Arfiana 14769308
Jimmy William 15987842
Siti Humairahc Rufwan 15072612 Weakness Introduction Case Overview Agenda/Scope Tactics Introduction
Background of Company
Case Overview
SWOT Analysis
Goal and Objectives
Human resource

Estabilished since 1995 in Singapore
Already Handle Case: Addidas, Kodak 3rd March 2012, Yahoo news,
The case about Old Chang Kee, a snack chain company specialized in curry puffs. Later on, customer found that there is an insect inside his snack. The media found this news and blowed it up until the public know about the case. SWOT Analysis STRENGHTS Bad publications of one incident regarding insect in Old Chang Kee’ s puff
Lack of consumer satisfaction training for certain staffs
Lack of training when facing incidents regarding consumer satisfactions.
Lack of experience to face food incidents in public. Opportunitiy High demand of foods
Attractive to tourist
Busy Singaporean prefer ready to go meals
Opportunity to communicate in two-ways with audience using technology advancement media, (for example: Facebook, Twitter, website) in solving the problems. Tactics-2 Carnival events Tactics 3- Facility Visit Tactics 4- Enlarge New Media Thank You for Your Attention (Yahoo 2012)
Objectives :

To launch the rebranding of Old Chang Kee to Golden Chang Kee
To get free publicity
To create family bonding
To build relationship between the new brand Golden Chang Kee and the Customers


Come and join us to celebrate the new Golden Chang Kee
Chance of getting Free spending at Golden Chang Kee of up to 3 Months
Join the fun and create bond with your families Tactic 2- Carnival Event (cont'd)
Generating positive perception from publics to Golden Chang Kee.
Getting free publicity.
Updating, clarifying and educating the publics about the new stories and other updates.
Returning the trust from National Environment Agency therefore to get back the highest grade of food hygiene certificate. Threat Intense rivalry in bakery industr
Bad publications from consumers in certain media publication by Yahoo news Singapore
To save pocket, customer may chose heavy meals than fried snacks Goal and Objectives Topic: Clarify Old Chang Kee issue about cockroach inside the puff and rebranding the name into “Golden Chang Kee”

Public: Newspaper (The Strait Times, Berita Harian , City Headlines, China Daily, Cebu Daily News , Kompas), radio (938LIVE), television agency (StarHub TV), Maggie Jana, CEO Han Keen Juan, employee Message: Golden Chang Kee is safe and have all the requirement of food license and approve by government and also health regulation. Tactics 1- Press Conference Ultimate publics
Government – Ministry of health
- Ministry of social and family development Food blogger:
Miss Tam Chiak
Cuisine Paradise Magazine Agency:
8 days
Appetite magazine
Food & travel
Sensasi GOLDEN CHANG KEE Channels:

Radio Agency:
Hot FM 91.3
Love 97.2 FM (Chinese)
Ria 89.7 FM (Malay)
Oli 96.8 FM (Tamil)
Top 20 Countdown 98.7 FM

Television Agency:
Channel 5
Channel 8
Channel U
Channel NewsAsia Channels:
Print media: Newspapers and magazine such as ChannelNewsAsia, The Strait Times (Singapore), Kompas (Indonesia), Berita Harian (Malaysia), Family Magazine (Singapore) and Lets! Eat Magazine (Indonesia).

Broadcast media: Television such as (Asia-Pacific), Asian Food Channel (Based in Singapore and Broadcasting in most part of Asia), MNC Food and Family (Indonesia) and TV3 (Malaysia).

New Media: Food Blogs, Company website, Facebook Page. Messages
Golden Century Chang Kee has made significant improvement on their hygiene standard and tries their best to meet high level of customer satisfaction. Publics: Golden Chang kee customer, and potential customer ( teenager, adults, and Family)

1.Internal Communications ( Golden Chang kee employee )
2. Social Network ( Facebook, twitter, and Instagram )

- Keep the business relationship with Golden chang kee loyal and potential customer by updating the promotion and the information

-Creating awareness in order to gain new customers by uploading creative and unique pictures of company's activities or events through instagram, facebook, and twitter

- Tactic 4- Enlarge New Media (cont'd) Objectives ( Cont'd):
- To create an exciting business relationship connection with customer by exchanged feedback for sharing idea

- Golden Chang kee provides the call-center hotline and e-mail for any enquires, critics
and suggestion. Spokeperson:
1. Ministry of Health Singapore (Gan Kim Yong).
2. The executive chairman of Golden Chang Kee (Han Keen Juan)
4. Food Certification Bodies such as Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point
3. Maggie Janna the victim

Place: Fort Canning Raffles House
Time : June 27th, 2013 at 1pm
Capacity: approx 80pax

Channels: radio, television, newspaper, internet social media, and website Timeline Timeline (cont'd) Timeline (cont'd) Timeline (Cont'd) EVALUATION HUman Resources Old Chang Kee is a well-known brand in Singapore
Unique taste of Old Chang Kee’s products
Loyal consumer of Old Chang Kee
Wide distribution and branches
The logo is well known
Old Chang Kee is Halal Food so that it can increase customer sales Venue: Fort Canning Green
Date: 8/Sept/13
Time: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Capacity: 5000 people

External publics:
Media – Editors, Journalists, Reporters, Photographers, TV producers & editor, The writer of food blogs, families, Celebrities, event organizations and staff for the events

Internal publics:
CEO of Golden Chang Kee
PR experts
Existing Employees Strategy - Accelerating the success of the campaign by working collaborately with media in order to gain customer awareness within publics and maintain relationship with current customer:
- Establishing honest and transparent company, and obtain positive attitude by conducting special events. BUDGET Background Company Tactic 3- Facility Visit (cont'd) Tactic 3 -Facility Visit (cont'd) Golden Chang Kee expected to increase the sales of their product by 80% than their previous brand.
Reducing Customers doubts.
Golden Chang kee obtain positive response in new media such as increase the likes and positive comments of their Facebook fan page by 100 thousands
Increase the twitter’s followers and gaining positive mentions from twitter’s users by 200%
Increase the Instagram’s followers and photos liked as well as positive comments from Instagram users by 150% after the campaign.
Gaining positive responses from audiences of Youtube and Food blogs Post such gaining Positive comments, likes and viewers by 150% than the previous brand.
Broadcasting in Radio station to promote the carnival events for 1 hour, and get about 200 callers, 400 Facebook comments and 500 Twitter mentions that confirm to come to the Carnival event.
Putting the carnival event advertisement on the front page of the Newspapers, Magazines as well as distributing the brochures and 4500 people will come and join the Carnival event.
Conducted the 4500 of feedback survey during the “Golden Chang Kee Family Fiesta” Carnival event. And at least 4200 people are willing to give up their time to fill in the survey. Tactic 1- Press Conference (cont'd) Objectives: a) To get free publicity ( ministry health) regarding the case of Old Chang Kee

b) To invite shareholder, stakeholder to update and educate them

c) To make public aware that Old Chang Kee are serious about increasing the hygiene standard and providing best consumer satisfaction experiences.

d) To make public aware that the incident happens are out of control from Old Chang Kee, and the incident won’t happen again in the future. 1956 - Our Humble Beginnings
• beginnings in 1956 in a small stall in a coffee shop near the then Rex Cinema along Mackenzie Road. then known affectionately as the "Rex Curry Puff".

1986 - The 'New' Beginning
• Mr. Han Keen Juan made a pivotal decision that was to change his life as well as the food scene he bought over the control of the Old Chang Kee business.

• All production processes and facilities are certified to have met HACCP and Halal standards.

• Old Chang Kee was admitted to the Official List of the Catalist in 2008.

• The U.S based Travel & Leisure Magazine announced in May 2012 that Old Chang Kee was selected as one of the world's 20 best fast food chains. Goal :
Rebranding Old Chang Kee into “Golden Chang Kee” as the global, hygienic, and good choice food brands.

To re-brand the Old Chang Kee to Golden Chang Kee in order to re-built the trust and positive thinking of Old Chang kee in 4 Months
To spread the positive information about the Golden Chang Kee in Singapore media’s within 2 Months
To educate publics that Golden Chang Kee is emphasizing on the hygiene and quality of the products.
To ensure that Golden Chang Kee has taken good care of the incidents the consumer involved in the incidentswith (Maggie Jana)
To make public aware that Golden Chang Kee has increase its hygiene standards and make sure that the incidents won’t happen again in the future.
Held on: Golden Chang Kee’s central kitchen
Time: 04th July 2013

External Publics
- The Media: Editors, Journalist, Reporters, Feature Writers and Press Photographers, TV Producers and Editors, Food blogger.

Internal Public
-CEO of Golden Chang Kee Singapore: Mr. William Lim
- he executive chairman of Golden Chang Kee: Han Keen Juan
-New and Existing Employee
-Overseas associates: CEO of Golden Chang Kee in Indonesia and Malaysia
-Shareholder: Han Keen Juan, Goodview Properties PTE LTD, Hong Leong Finance Nominees PTE LTD, etc.

Ultimate Public
- Government: National Environment Agency in food hygiene section
-Suppliers: Flour, Potato, Chicken, Sardines.
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