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The plan

No description

Rahul Nimmagadda

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of The plan

South America
Plan Made by Rahul Nimmagadda & Alex Clonan Advertising We will use the television and billboards near busy roads
also, YouTube. Also we will use Facebook due to Brazil's 65,657,800 Facebook users ranking second most in the world. Location:
South Bolivia
areas near Oruro
Peru (coastal): Resource:
1. Wheat
8.Sugar Cane
9.Milk We will place supermarkets in southeast Brazil . We will do this because of a strong labor force and middle class. The middle class is very large 40% out of the 42% of middle class people are located in southeast Brazil. We will place the supermarkets in Rio De Janeiro. In the supermarkets we will sell fresh food ranging from fruits to bread and even canned products (canned fruit and vegetables) so the fruits can maintain freshness. Next we will also ship out our own products to stores all over the continent, but not as much as in southeast Brazil. Next, at our stores we will sell fresh deserts from in-store bakeries, and chocolate confections. Finally, we will have reached success as our food makes its journey from harvesting to being sold. Manufacture Stage All our foods from the harvest to make many healthy food. We will make bread, sugar, coffee, milk products, and more. The fruits will be canned properly. The sugar will be packaged as it was harvested. Cacao, sugar, fruits will be sent fresh to the in-store bakeries. Labor Force
We will use labor from Bolivia to harvest our farms in south Bolivia because almost 1/3 of its labor force is into agriculture. Then we will also use Bolivia's labor force in Peru because Peru's labor force in agriculture almost 0%. Service Stage Sources Transportation Then the products will be shipped and packed out to supermarkets all over South America using the Amazon River as our transportation corridor. Our deployment facilities will be located in, Brazil, because of its larger work force and education level. Brazil has some of the the best colleges ranked nearly 400 in the world. Also we will shipped by boat and truck. Research We will have a customer review table. If we do that we will be able to make our supermarket better for everyone. It will also help us be more modernized and up to date with peoples increase in different needs. N.p., n.d. Web.

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