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Optimize or DIE 2.0 EN

How the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite creates and adds value through all stages of the customer journey

Hartmut Koenig

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Optimize or DIE 2.0 EN

print call service desk read customer reviews online training compare online shops load smartphone app read blog community discuss online view ad talk to friends find store receive offer check delivery status Inspiration Interest Desire Impulse Conversion Use Reflect visit vendor webpage consult family Inspiration Interest Desire Impulse Conversion! Friends and Family
Newspaper and Magazines
Radio and TV
Social Networks Sources of Once interested 85% of consumers research media controlled by the manufacturer, in parallel 86% use third party content like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or pricing engines.
30% use a smartphone for product research 90% of Germans with internet access research products online
68% of web users use search as primary navigation > 88% leave the shopping cart without check-out

Re-Targeted ads have a double click through rate and a ten-times higher conversion rate

The conversion rate of behavioural e-Mail is >11% Head of Solution Consulting Central and Eastern EU
Frankfurt am Main, Twins
University in Frankfurt and Marburg
Consultant since 1996, with Adobe since 2004 4 Enterprise Software
Web Content Management
Customer Experience
Professional Services
Cloud Computing
Digital Marketing
Mobile Applications Customer Experience
User Experience
Mobile Internet
Apps http://Twitter.com/1000koenige Success factors: Re-Targeting, Behavioural e-Mail Congratulations, you've reached your goal: Homeoffice in Frankfurt, Munich almost every week,
knows my preferred Hotels and my preference for Coffee-to-go 1.500.000.000

900.000.000 wealth of data,
more content than ever Success factor: Content Success factors: SEO, SEM Success factors: Content, Social, Multichannel Marketers spend $92 on traffic but
only $1 to optimize conversion Source: TNS via FAZ November 2011 Source: TNS Infratest, Forrester Research Source: TNS Infratest Source: Forrester Research Quelle: http://www.ftd.de/unternehmen/versicherungen/:zweistellige-klickerloese-autoversicherer-schuetten-google-mit-geld-zu/60175870.html Adobe Analytics "You can't control what you can't measure" Adobe Target helps organizations dynamically test and present highly customized experiences to a digital property in order to drive significantly higher conversion rates. Adobe Social helps organizations measure and manage marketing activities across owned, earned, and paid media—ensuring the impact of social is properly attributed. Adobe Analytics combines the power of actionable analytics and audience segmentation with the distributed value of reporting and sharing of key business analysis and connects it for data driven marketing. Adobe Experience Manager Adobe Media Optimizer Adobe Social Adobe Target Adobe Media Optimizer combines best of breed portfolio and rules based ad management with intelligent campaign forecasting and targeted ad delivery for data optimized advertising. Marketers have always understood the power of word of mouth Marketing is the new finance. Ann Lewnes CMO Adobe Tante Emma reloaded Adobe Experience Manager optimizes the authoring, management and delivery of digital media and content across owned channels, including Web, mobile, email, print and social communities, to build brand and drive demand. Content is king! Bill Gates "Last year each of our ten
million customers came in
contact with approximately
five SAS employees, and
this contact lasted an
average of 15 seconds each
time. The SAS is ‘created’ 50 million times a year. These 50 million ‘moments of truth’ are the moments that determine whether SAS will succeed or fail as a company. " Jan Carlzon
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