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Organisational Structure Powerpoint

No description

Liam Sholicar

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Organisational Structure Powerpoint

Organisational Structure Definition: Organistional Structure is the formal and systematic way the management of a business is organised. When presented as a diagram, it shows the departmental functions and the levels of hierarchy within the business. Key Terms:
* Roles - the different tasks individuals are reponsible for
* Directors - Members of 'the board' top of the hierachy
* Manager - Person responsible for the organisation of others
* Team Leader (usually in matrix structure) - Person responsible for managing a team project
* Chain of Command - the reporting system from the top to the bottom of a hierachy
* Centralisation/Decentralisation - the extent to which decision-making power and authority is delegated in a business
* Levels of Hierachy - number of different management levels
* Span of Control - Number of people directly under a manager
* Communication flows - the route through a business that any information takes
* Delegation - Passing authority down through a business Hierachical Structure
Tall or Flat
The most common form of organisational structure
Clear levels of authority Matrix Structure
For when a business is organised by task
More responsive to customer needs
Extra costs for training etc... Entrepreneurial Structure
Often found in competitive markets
Good for when quick decision making is needed
Core Workers at the centre, others around them
Not suitable for larger organisations
Examples of the Structures: - Entrepreneurial Structure Hierarchical Structure Matrix Structure To go through this in your own time please visit:

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