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The History Of Cheerleading!!

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Julia Brown

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The History Of Cheerleading!!

The History Of Cheerleading!!
By: Abbey and Julia

Where it all started
~People in Great Brittan started cheering and chanting at sport games in 1883

~The "official cheer" wasn't introduced until 1884 in Princeton, New Jersey
Just a "girls' sport"?
~This sport was started for men in 1903.
~Dwight Eisenhower was a cheerleader in collage
~Franklin Rosevelt was also a cheerleader in his "collage days"
Male Cheerleaders Rule!

When women started!
~Women joined in 1923, when most of the males were left to fight in World War II.
~The first uniforms for cheer consisted of: ankle-length skirts & Varsity sweaters
~Cheerleading incorporated tumbling, stunting, & props (such as the megaphone) once women started.
The "transformation"
The transformation happened in the 1970s when cheerleading went from "cheering on the crowd" to being a stunt group of skilled people with rehearsed routines.
~The first official stunt was the liberty which was introduced in 1976.
~The first ever basket toss was introduced in 1979.

In 1945, Lawrence Herkime held a NCA cheer camp with all levels learning different routines. One squad wasn't the best at preforming the moves, But what they could do was showing spirit! The cheerleaders would come early to practice and leave late to practice more! In addition the squad would cheer the other squads to continue no matter what the activity! Their enthusiastic attitude dramatically increased the spirit in the camp. Herkimer was so impressed by the squad’s positivity and spirit that he wanted to reward them with a token that showed that they represented the spirit that all cheerleaders should have. He cut a small tree branch, decorated it with paint, and awarded it to the team in front of the entire camp. Thus began the tradition of awarding spirit sticks at cheer camp.Ever since then, cheer camps have used spirit sticks to represent the essence of cheerleading. They are awarded, usually in a ceremony, to the cheerleading squad that shows the most teamwork as well as spirit and support to all the other teams at competitions.
In many old cheer photographs the cheerleaders hair were all similar, short and simple. Then later on they had all hair in ponytails, Today we have curls, braids, and buns. Some teams even dye there hair the teams colors!
When cheer started women often wore there hair loose, and occasionally they would where pins with flowers. For safety reasons bobbie pens have been banded. Thats when bows where born for cheer!
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