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word dissection lesson 1

No description

Justin Unruh

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of word dissection lesson 1

Word Dissection Lesson 1 Quiz every 2nd week
20 words per quiz Word Dissection Ity/ty ology bio Geo/gee/ge Anthro/anthrop/anthropo Psych/psycho Soci/socio/socie Zo/zoo Mono/mon ism pre Oid poly ic/tic Having to do with/person who Meter/ometer Ex- gam, gamy pluto ultra derm/derma/dermat/dermato Cycl/cycle/cyclo the/theo mis phon/phone/phono/phony astr/astro techn/techno dem/demo morph/morpho/morphy cephal/cephalo/cephaly dyna/dynamo uni metry/ometry crat genesis ist graphy mal con istic Having to do with Auto -ation/ ition/ tion/ ion seism/ seismo/ sismo gastr/ gastro ics bi metr/ meter therap/ therapy ous/ ious/ eous Having to do with/ing card/ cardi/ cardio sub lateral caco tri hydr/ hydro itis cracy pyr/ pyro Chrom/chromoa/chrome/chromato Gyn/gyny/gyneco Lith/litho al/ical Having to do with/ing cosm/cosmo maniac maniac un demon/demono therm/thermo ced/cede/ceed phobe fore_____ aristo aristo bureau re_______ andr/andro/andry homo same ______fy/ify mult/multi hepat/hepato
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