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Boeing Australia Limited

IDIS 424 - 501

Megan Roseberry

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Boeing Australia Limited

Boeing Australia Limited
Shanaly Daya, Marco Kuri, Matt Long,
Matt Grohman, Megan Roseberry,
Caroline Skrzypczak Assumptions Large enough budget for an ERP system
Same amount of compatability with suppliers or customers
ERP system keeps track of online purchases Benchmark and Scorecard Upgrading the Technology Platform Decreased LT
Less Error
Employee Resistance
Maintenance Effective Management Customer Base, small
-Australian Defense Force
~High demand for project information;
Low Prices
~Ensure promise of service
~Expected cost savings
Supplier Base, strong relationships
-Strict feedback program; Allowed for improvement
-Electronic web based system
~Not Connected to Legacy System
~Company to Supplier Intra-System capability
~Reduce duplication of effort; Avoid errors
Benchmarking The Boeing Company Started using reverse auctioning in 2001
Able to save 15% - 20% in first year
- Reduce cycle times
- Were able to determine market prices
- Reduced overall cost of goods
- Specialized items must have traceability Our Suggestions Upgrade ERP system similar to Boeing Company US
Implement e-buy system
Start reverse auctioning for consumable items only Questions? Introduction Issues with the procurement system prior to 1999
Russell Menere hired as National Procurement Manager
Short term Improvements
-Supplier Base Optimization
-Two-way feedback
-Credit-card Purchasing
-Materials Management Process Council (MMPC)
Long term Improvement Possibilities
-ERP considerations
-Benchmark a successful e-procurement user
-Supplier Scorecard Internal Company Benefits One step, Single human interface
-Reduce manual data transactions
~Achieve automation; Remove steps
Clearance and Export License, military use
-Requests made automatically; Quick approval
Database of items to procure
-Ensure better quotes; Increased buying power
-Speed up entire process
-Lower costs to serve; Reliability
-Backup data of entire transaction
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