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Basketball and Handball

No description

Lucero Perez

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Basketball and Handball

Basketball and Handball Similarities and Differences Basketball Similarities Similarities Differences Differences Journal Reflections Handball 1. Handball and basketball both include projectile and rotational motion.

2. They both require running and a large amount of movement in the sports. 3. There is acceleration in both sports, running and throwing the ball, changes of speed and direction. The acceleration of the ball depends on how much power you launch the ball with and at what angle.

4. The concepts of the games are similar, the goal in both games are to make the ball in the net/goal.

1 . The acceleration and velocity is different between the two sports, since in handball you are trying to get the ball into the goal without the other team blocking it. In basketball you use a different approach to make the ball into the hoop, since nobody is actually guarding the goal you don’t have to launch the ball as hard. 2. Since the goals are at a different angle you need to launch the ball at a different angle and magnitude.

3. In basketball the ball has more acceleration than in handball. In handball the ball travels at a constant speed into the goal. In basketball the ball travels up, peaks and then travels down. It includes change of direction and speed which is acceleration. September 6,2012
Today I learned how to find velocity and acceleration.
 This isn’t a good example because it doesn’t explain how class time related to the topic and it isn’t very detailed.

September 7,2012
Today I learned that vector which has direction and magnitude. My topic is handball so team has to have direction and speed (magnitude) for when they throw the ball into the net.
This is a good example because it is more detailed and it explains what I learned in class and how it relates to the topic. By: Dylan Garrison and Lucero Perez
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