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Oklahoma Land Run of 1889

The Race For New Land

noah perry

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Oklahoma Land Run of 1889

The Cherokee Strip The Ending of The Land Rush The land that was chosen for the Land Run was in the Northern Territory, Known as the Cherokee Strip.

It was the land used for reserved Indian ground, until they were once again removed. April 22, 1889 was the day that men were at the line waiting to claim some land.

An estimated 100,000 were at the starting line.

Exactly noon that day the shot was fired and men started their journey in the new land. The Faithful Day When people started to arrive they found that people have already claimed the land, these people were called SOONERS.

Sooners are people who snuck in the day before the land run and claimed pieces of land.

The people who waited for the correct time are called BOOMERS. Cheating Your Way Out of thousands of the people who claimed land, some of them
were deputy United State Marshals

It was illegal for marshals to not only participate but claim land

Either way at least 50 participate and at least one, on record had
claimed more than one land claim Law Against The Law When people came to claim land, they found them seized
by U.S. marshals

People, which were hasty into getting desirable land, made streets that were on top of others in the plans of the
finalized Oklahoma
Indian Land There were many Indian Tribes living here The Cherokee
Choctaw Chickasaw
Seminole The Race For Land Men only were allowed to travel.
Women stayed back and took care of families.

They traveled on horses, train bicycles and on foot. NIGHTFALL By nightfall, they had staked thousands of land claims or quarter sections for farm plots

Oklahoma City, Guthrie, and other cities almost sprang during that night The Advantages And Disadvantages Being on foot and on horseback was an advantage, because they were able to track and find the land claims easier

People that were on trains were very unlucky because the trains were filled to full capacity and people were travel on top of the train

Wagons and trains came to the territory to find that marshals had taken all the good land The Aftermath The Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889 was named and recorded
as the most successful land rush in history

Also, this land rush has made most of Oklahoma's major
cities come to life overnight
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