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My Prezume

Oussama Rezgui (أسامة رزقي)

Oussama Rezgui

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of My Prezume

Oussama Rezgui
is a Tunisian student born in the north west of Tunisia in Kef and grew up in the Capital Tunis.
Engineering-student in the best School in Tunisia in Computer Studies (ENSI Tunisie) and participating actively in the civil Society especially after the Tunisian revolution.
Speaking fluently three languages (English, Arabic and French) and currently learning German ...
Also fan about history, cultural exchanges, sports, trekking and new technologies ...

Universities I attended and Academic training
Preparatory School for Engineering Studies - IPEIT
Redistricting in America
Skills and projects
2008-2011 : Mainly studying Mathematics, physics, Informatics, Chemistry, Languages.
2011 : Graduated with highest honors, ranked 252/2420, and enroll ENSI
National School for Computer Studies - ENSI
Mainly studying programming languages, networking, Artificial intelligence, Unix, Management ...
Academic section
Professional section
Clubs and Associations
Advanced : Linux, C++,Network Programming, Lisp,
PL/SQL, LATEX, Shell Programming

Intermediate : C, MIPS, wordpress, SAP UI5, JavaScript, XML

Basic : python, Gimp, pascal, Qt, Java, Node Js

Programming Languages
Development tools
School Projects
Developing a local Network.
Developing a Network Packet Generator.

Developing a NGO organization website, Dame game, an institute website, Chess game on
console, ....

The project consist on developing a local network, where a new user will be attributed an IP address once logged in and can log on a local server.
Key words : Apache, XAMP, Bind, iptables, ipv6, ....
Designing and implementing a tool that display how frames transit in a local network.
Key words : Qt, TCP/IP, Wireshark, Packet tracer
President 2013-2014 & Treasurer 2012-2013
TAICE is a non profit association, based in Tunis. Its main purpose is to organize cultural exchanges between Tunisian students and international ones in order to build a better mutual understanding between the people coming from different backgrounds. Thus, learning more about the rest of the world and sharing new ideas, widening one’s social network, furthermore, melting various cultures in an unforgettable experience ...
Open Source Software ENSI Club was founded in 2012 our aim goal is promoting open source culture among students which is essentially based on sharing and exchanging idea and knowledge. We organize training, competition and Conferences also in order to achieve our goals.
Co-Founder, event responsible and Trainer 2012-2014
TEDxCarthage is the major TED event in Tunisia, it have been organized four times and I was a team member in the three last editions.
TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). Subjects covers almost all topics (from science to business to global issues). Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.
TEDxENSI was organized in our school only once until now with the help of my school mates and some actives clubs.
Miscellaneous :
ENSI Junior Enterprise
ENSI Junior Enterprise is a non-profit as a small student company in the field of Computer Sciences in the National School of Computer Studies (ENSI).
Rowing Club
English Debate Team
Vélos addicted ...
Personal achievements
February 2014- June 2014
Design and implement a software application in order to display specific Business Processes and allow users to communicate with colleagues.
Key words : sapui, JavaScript, sap fiori, HTML, oData, Galelei
Build a web-based surveillance system which consists in implementing a web interface using Node.js that store and manage images on a server. Moreover, the application is able to change the field of view of the camera by means of two motors.
Keywords : Raspberry Pi, servomotor, JavaScript, Node.JS, MJPG-streamer, motion detec-
June 2013 - August 2013
seasonal worker Summers 2010, 2011, 2012
Miscellaneous :
Worker at Majoul Conserves which manufacture canned Tomatoes and export it to Libya. My responsibilities increased year by year; I was asked to deal with our suppliers, check the quality of tomatoes, give them some down payment, etc ...
I give some courses in Maths and Algorithms for students.
LPIC certification, January 2014
Open Suse Certification, January 2014
Youth Pass, AEGEE München 2013
Oral Presentation Software Freedom Day, Monastir 2013
Contributor in Word Social Forum, Tunis 2013
Rowing Bronze medal, Tunisian Championship 2006
If you want to know more about me don't hesitate to contact me :
Thank you !!
"Thinking about changing the word may be stupid, but not trying to make a change is definitely cowering"
Oussama Rezgui
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