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Store Atmosphere

No description

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Store Atmosphere

What Is Store Atmosphere?
Always have professionally written signs
Lighting can create the right mood for your store
The right scent motivates customers to spend and return
The key is not to go overboard
Just as important as store atmosphere, is making sure you
stock what your customers want to buy!
Once you've nailed store atmosphere,
you can take a well earned break and reap the benefits
The correct store layout is vital, it creates a need within the customer
The right music makes you feel relaxed and happy
Store Atmosphere is the design and layout of a store or an environment that stimulates all 5 human senses. It arouses a customers' perceptual and emotional responses and affects their purchasing behaviour.....

What is Store Atmosphere?
Store Atmosphere is the creation of a shopping haven where customers feel welcomed and comfortable. Merchandising and creative displays influence spending, they build a strong, emotional, subconscious desire to purchase a product or brand. It encourages spending and return visitation regardless of a customers' frame of mind when entering the store.
Signage is an important factor of store atmosphere both internally and externally. From catching the customers' eye from the outside and drawing them in to assisting customers in identifying product locations and sale items, store signage needs to capture the essence of the store brand, it needs to be factual and professionally made. Handwritten signs are a big "No, No" when it comes to signage as they make both your store and your product look cheap and tacky.
Store Atmosphere
-Atmosphere creates an overwhelming desire to have an object - I need that item, not just want it, without it my life is nothing.
There are 5 essential design elements that must be considered when creating store atmosphere. Before we get to that, we must first look at the layout of a store. The store layout must create a feel, a buzz about a product which leaves the customers wanting more. Any layout faults can deter shoppers from not only buying but from entering the store in the first place. How a store is furnished and planned affects how the merchandise is presented and can influence sales significantly.
Layout and the
5 Essential Design Elements
Lighting is essential to highlight specific merchandise or to flood an area with light to draw the customers' attention to a certain area. Natural light gives the feeling of openness and provides customers with an idea of what an item might look inside their own home. This is great for furniture or home-ware type stores. Hanging lights work well for fashion stores as it replicates lighting in our own bedrooms. Different shades of lighting also affect the way a product looks. Too yellow can give a sickly look to your products while too bright a white can make a store feel clinical.
Atmosphere encourages customers to buy
Scents and aroma's can have a strong impact on a customers' moods and emotions. It invokes thoughts and brings memories to life, like the smell of rain, perfume/aftershave or even hot cross buns, encouraging the customer to relive a special moment. It entices customers to purchase items they might normally walk straight past. Customers tend to spend more time in a scented store without even realising and it tends to motivate the customer to revisit more often. Store merchandisers should be mindful not to make the scent too over powering otherwise it will drive customers away.
Music can influence both conscious and unconscious actions. The right music can affect customers to the extent where they feel comfortable and relaxed within a store. Customers who feel comfortable in a store have a tendency to linger longer and increase their spending. The wrong music on the other hand will have the complete opposite effect and will deter customers from even entering your store. Music also needs to be at the correct volume as customers do not want to be blasted with music that is too loud but it needs to be audible.
Colour is the final element in creating the right store atmosphere. The right colour combination, like scent, can arouse emotions and affect the customers' moods. The right colour scheme stimulates memories, thoughts and experiences. Similar to the other elements, if you overdo the colour scheme, it can be quite hard on the eye and deter shoppers from entering. Finding the right combination is critical - too much colour can make your store look like a childs' playground whereas stark white will give your store a clinical feel.

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Journal of Retailing - The effects of wait expectations and store atmosphere evaluations on patronage intentions in service-intensive retail stores, D. Grewal, J. Baker, M. Levy & G. Voss Sept 2003, pages 259-268

About.com/Retailing by Shari Waters, blogger and freelance writer with over 25 years experience in retailing and owning businesses

Creating an attractive display can draw customers in, promote slow moving items, announce a sale or welcome new season stock. A store front window is one of the most proven and least expensive forms of advertising your products. The following points are essential to bare in mind when creating an effective visual display.
* Make sure your store is free of clutter and is clean and tidy, including the ceiling
* keep displays balanced - asymmetrical rather than symmetrical
* Place larger items into your display first
* Keep things simplistic, less is more
Finally, here are a few tips that are vital to creating the perfect store atmosphere...
1. You never get a second chance to make a first impression
2. It's the small things that make the biggest impact
3. No one is ever under any obligation to buy from your store, put a little extra effort into creating a space that people like to encourage spending
4. Consider your ideal customer when creating an identity for your store
5. Stick to the same theme throughout. Miss matched themes look messy and complicated
6. Ensure your staff are happy, they will create a more pleasant environment for all
7. Make sure any music you play matches your stores theme and design. No point playing classical music if you're trying to sell grunge clothing
8. Are you stocking items that your customers want? Items that only you like will sit on your shelves for months so be careful when selecting stock
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