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save water save life

No description

noemy delcomminette

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of save water save life

by Noemy and Zhi Yi
the water
UnicefUSA for the tap project.
Google image for pictures.
And the prezi team.
This is the video of the tap project
Save water save earth save life
This year, in march UNICEF made facebook turn into the largest water network and they planned on doing it every year in march, so if you have a facebook account open your tap !
did you know?
modern technologie has advanced OUR lives but some people still live without the basics around the world nearly 800,000 don't have acesse to clean water.
Every day woman in africa travel more than 2 kilometers to get dirty or sick water.
children drink this water!!!
thank you for watching
Any questions ?
The children in some countries drink Dirty water that makes the children sick and they don't have Medicine .
Turns to this !!
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