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UMMU SALAMAH ( ROLE MODEL OF tolerance and patience )

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Maria Raza

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of UMMU SALAMAH ( ROLE MODEL OF tolerance and patience )

Who was Ummu Salamah ?
Her real name was Hind Bint Abi Ummayyah Al - Makhzoomy .She is a role model for muslims who is widely konown for her tolerance and patience . Her father was know for his generosity and kindness .Her mother was Aatikha Bint Abdul Muttalib , and she was a cousin of Prophet Muhammad . Her husband was Abdullah Ibn Abdulasad
The migration to Abyssinia
Their roads finally met after a long separation . They both were delighted to see each other . Great and momentous events followed, one after the other . there was the battle of Badr , in which Abu Salamah fought . The muslims returned victorious .Then there was the Battle of Uhud Iin which the muslims were sorely tested where Abu Salamah was wounded , he got well treatment , but his wound was never healed completely and he remained bedridden.
lets watch a brief video explaining the life of Ummu Salamah
Both Abu salamah and Ummu Salamah were among the first one to accept Islam . As people got to know that they accepted Islam the Qureshy reacted with anger , the Qureshy begun to tease both Abu Salamah and Ummu salamah , but the couple did not become weaker and remained in their new faith .
UMMU SALAMAH ( ROLE MODEL OF tolerance and patience )

Life in Makkah became miserable and unbearable . The Prophet gave permission for them to emigrate to Abyssinia . Ummu Salamah and her companions recieved great hospitality and protection from the ruler of Abyssinia , King Negus . News eventually reached that the numbr of muslims increased in Makkah, and they heard that the Quraysh had eased the persecution somewhat .
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