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a type of disease

lizzy waters

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis What is Leptospirosis?? Caused by & how is it passed Signs and Symptoms for both humans and animals >A pathogen that lives in infected animals urine. Which can contaminate soil, water and other body fluids. *cattle
* any wild animals >passed on by environment or exposition to infected animals . >Outbreaks usually caused by contaminated water >this can pass
to humans as well
as animals Safety & Sanitation Scientific name:: Leptospiras Interrogans >Saliva can not
collect this bacteria
but us as humans can
get it if we have contact
with water, urine, body parts,
soil, or food that was contaminated by a infected animal. >Symptoms for both:
*high fevers *vomiting *diarrhea *abdominal pain *Severe Muscle pain >Humans:
*headaches *chills *jaundice *red eyes
*rash >Animals:
*refusal to eat *weakness & depression *stiffness
*inability to have babies >if this is not treated both human and animal can suffer from kidney and liver failure Prevention How to treat this Bacteria The two basic ways to treat leptospirosis is by getting tested and be prescribed high doses of antibiotics. Websites *www.cdc.gov
*www.dogsobediencetraining.com/leptospirosis to prevent this you should keep all rodents (such as: rats, raccoons, opossums, etc...) under control. You must also get vaccinations once a year, especially after you have had this bacteria. *wear rubber gloves and boots *sterilize
*physical sanitation
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